Standing Instructions for attendance at Gliding Induction Training
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Commanding Officers are to ensure that these instructions are brought to the attention of Cadets and adults involved in any aspect of Gliding Induction Courses (GIC).

The allocation is for 4 cadets per unit (unless otherwise stated), and one adult Supervisor. The adult is responsible for cadet behaviour and discipline while at the VGS, and should report to the Duty Instructor on arrival. He / She willl advise cadets of "out of bounds" areas after consultation with VGS staff. A nominal roll is to be provided.

Acceptance of your allocation is required as soon as possible to the VGS commander.

Cadets must arrive and depart the VGS in Full Uniform, bringing with them Flying overalls, or coveralls, and light or sports shoes. BOOTS ARE NOT PERMITTED. The foul weather jacket Mk 2A blue ref 22G/138216-2331 is NOT to be worn for gliding, and coveralls are to be in good repair, and of the buttonless type. You must bring your own coveralls - the VGS doesn't have any.

Cadets are to bring with them any food and drink they require during the day, and an activity to fill in waiting time.

Squadrons are advised to contact the VGS before departure if there is any doubt about flying due to weather.
ABINGDON                - 612 VGS 01235,536176 or FAX(01235,536178)
HALTON                     - 613 VGS 01296,623535 x 6409 or 07971,282069 (during operations)
LITTLE RISSINGTON - 637 VGS 01451,810078 (08:45 until 09:15 only) Answer phone outside these times - checked at                                          regular intervals throughout the morning.

Cadets may expect to receive one 20-25 minute flight if GS permits and will expect to complete the course.

All cadets must carry F3822. It is to be properly completed to show enrolement, aged 13.3 or over, and the Parent/Guardian consent to fly.

Cadets with a sitting height in excess of 37.88 inches (96.22cm) are NOT to be sent to VGS to fly Vigilant Aircraft.

Facilities at VGS are limited, and cadets do not normally have access to other facilities at units housing the VGS.

High standards of dress and discipline are expected at all VGS

Gliding is subject to the provisions contained in ACP20A, ACTI 32
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