The Elrond armour project

In the prologue of the movie The Lord of the Rings, during the battle of the Last Alliance, Elrond wears a segmented suit of armour. I am trying to make such a suit myself, for my girlfriend to wear.

The armour consists of several pieces: a cuirass, a pair of vambraces, a pair of pauldrons, and a set of tassets. Each is made up of overlapping bands. The outfit is completed by a chainmaille hauberk and mantle

I'll be making most of the armour out of vinyl floor covering. It is cheap, easy to work, and can easily be painted in any colour. It is also flexible, so I won't have to try and make completely form-fitting armour on the first try. Each individual band is cut from the material, and then painted with the base colour (light olive green) before assembly. The chainmaille parts are made by my girlfriend.

Each part of the armour will be discussed on a seperate page. Click on the links provided to navigate to each one.

Cuirass Pauldrons Vambraces Tassets
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