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Present Tense

Welcome. You have reached that little corner of the web reserved for news, information, and praise for Two Month August.

Just what is Two Month August, you ask?

Margot Cloutier called TMA the "best band since Poison." Hailing from Watson, Louisiana, TMA created a brand of rock 'n roll that got school administrators mad enough to eat their hats and made twelve year old girls scream like The Beatles had come back to town. Here you can find out the latest news about Two Month August, links to song lyrics, related bands, and lots of other cool stuff.

Past Tense

Sadly, the existence of Two Month August is a thing of the past. After releasing an album of demos entitled "One Planet At A Time" and going through at least three cycles of breaking up and reforming, Two Month August has split up for good. The band members still remain friends, however, and the possibility for future collaborations always exists, though most likely not under the name Two Month August.

Future Tense

Though Two Month August is no more, the members of the band continue to flourish musically, and are all involved in a variety of musical endeavors. Check the Related Bands Page for information about all musical activity spawned by Two Month August as well as friends of TMA. Also, check out the News Page for anything new that may happen in the Two Month August universe.


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