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      Greetings, From the Editor

Welcome to the Two Moons Web Site. We aim to be an informative source of current affairs in the world of technology and crazy gadgets. On the following pages,you will find the latest and up-to-date information about almost anything in the computer world.

As we also aim to be a user-friendly site, we have designed our site to be as informative and brief as possible, whilst giving you the important facts and information you so desrve.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: There have been reports of malfunction on the site. Some web browsers may not support the Scripts used throughout the site. Any malfunctin should NOT disrupt browsing, but is a pain. Malfunction is not the fault of the site, but certain web browsers. Those who have Netskape or MS IE6 should be fine. MS IE4 may experience some problems.

The Right Click mouse Button

We have taken
the liberty of
changing your
default right click
menu, replacing
it with our own
menu. If you ever
want to get from
one page to the
next, but see no
links, or the menu
(above), simply
right click, and choose your destination!

  Free Website (honest!)

We really are making free websites! Before you ask, no, you don't have to buy anything, give any 'donations' or slip us something under the table.

We will make you a website for free, as long as you will allow us to put our name to it!

As we are a new organisation, and no-one really knows about us, we would love to get a few sites onto our CV, to show people what we can do. These will be added to our LINKS page, so people visiting this site can see your site. This would increase the amount of people coming to your site (traffic), so you only have something to gain.

We will make a web site for you on anything you like, as long as you adhears to our X POINTS OF FAIR PLAY.

Using this Site

We tried to keep it simple. If, however, it proved to complicated, The editor wants to know! Shout at him until he agrees to change the design, or whatever was ailing you in the first place: ,subject "difficulty".

For the mean time, this is how to use the site:

a after an article, means it was written by the Editor. If it has no that means it was written by a member of THE TEAM, or was taken, with permission, from another site. The source should usually follow.

If you can't find a page, try right clicking. This should summon a small menu, which will transport you through the site, and sometimes, the web.

If you can't see the right-mouse-click menu, try moving to the top of the screen to locate it there.

Information is no more then 3 clicks away! If this proves untrue, yell at the editor, on the e-mail address above.

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