My Legal Eagle Ultralight
updated January 2009(Oshkosh 2007)  Also, see the new Double Eagle page
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    Disclaimer:   This information is shared for entertainment and informational purposes only.  I am not an aeronautical engineer and assume no responsibility or liability associated with the the ideas presented on these pages, its accuracy or suitability for aviation.   This is just the story of what I did when building my own Legal Eagle Ultralight. Anyone applying this information to their flying or project does so at their own volition and risk.
This web site describes my experiences building a Legal Eagle Ultralight.   It is a Leonard Milholland
design powered by his "Better Half" 1/2 VW engine.  Check his web site.
My Start
Updates & Mods.
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Note: Leonard Milholland is issuing a mandatory change regarding the vertical fin brace wires. The wires on his prototype LEU are now parallel with 2 attach points. Contact Leonard for details.
(Per 5/25/02 visit to LM hangar)
Double Eagle
In August 2003, it is on it's gear, 6" Azusalite wheels.
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No progress since then. I'm having too much fun flying my Piper Cherokee 140.   Even flew it to Oshkosh in 2007. That was fun!