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If you are looking for the Scrapals home page you have found us! We are a large membership of women from all over the US and Canada who all share the love of Scrapbooking. We do share alot more than just the Scrapbook Addiction. We are family also! In December 2001 we celebrated our 5th year of being a club! We hope you enjoy your
visit here with us and look forward to meeting new Scrapals over this year.

Below you will find links seperated by different areas of interest. Some are links that involve our Scrapals in one way or the other. Please feel free to browse any areas you would like to!

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If you would like to enjoy some of the hints, layouts, and other things shared in our group you can read our monthly newsletter

In order to understand our group you will find the story of Scrapals here and alittle about myself the founder angie aka tylersnana.

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Now that you have read about our group if you would like to join us you can click on the link below. Please be sure when you sign up that you send a letter of introduction to myself at scrapalsang@attbi.com We do not approve anyone to the list without knowing who they are.

A very special album given to me by the Scrapals. It is a work in the making so check back for new layouts. Welcome to Mr. Fiskars Album!

Mr. Fiskars Album

Next you are welcome to visit any of the links below that are directly a part of our Scrapals group. We always welcome visitors!

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Now that you know alot about us, here are some links to help you out in most anything you would need for Scrapbooking from the all time favorite shopping (be sure and look at our sponsor page first!) to ideas, patterns and other items.

Fonts for use in your scrapbooks
Clipart and Graphics for use in your scrapbooks.
Layouts on the internet
Paper Piecing
ABC List on the internet
Poems, quotes and sayings on the internet
Stamping in your Scrapbooks
Help with Scanning your Layouts
Helpful Tips to get you going
Shopping the internet for Scrap supplies
Places to submit your layouts to contests
Major Magazine submitting and rules
Conventions and Get A Ways
Scrapbook Rooms to learn to organize from