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Shorts disclaimer:

This site is for the collection of Ficlets, Ficletinis, and other short stories mostly about FarScape™, FarScape™ characters, and the FarScape™ Universe written by and for the fans of FarScape™.

General Disclaimer for all the fan fiction on this site:

FarScape™, Farscape™ Universe, and FarScape™ characters are created and owned by The Jim Henson Company who takes no responsibility for this site or any of the works published on this site. We are using FarScape™ and the characters for and by our own personal use. We do not profit from this use.
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Index by Author: Are you looking for something by a particular author? This page will have a complete list of Fanfiction and Original Stories alphabetically listed by author.

Ficletinis: Really short stories told in 100 words or less. (also includes Haikus)

Ficlets: Short Stories of up to 5000 words, more or less.

Epilogues: Episode epilogues, prologues and tags.

Bermudas: Longer length fan fiction.

The Challenges: In times of extreme FarScape™.drought, we desperate fans have developed a coping mechanism whereby we issue various fanfic challenges to carry us to the new episodes. This is the index for all the challenges archived here.

Original Fiction: These stories need no disclaimer. They are original fiction by your favorite authors.

Kennel Club: A place to show off your pets.

Submission Guidelines: Here's how you can send your stuff to me for inclusion on Unohoo's Shorts.

Links: Links to other sites.
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**The Adventures of pitdog and PKAT in the Uncharted Territories.**
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Seussin' Farscape (LateScaper;s episode reviews written in the style of Dr. Seuss)
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Brave Cat
I know this is a site for fanfiction, but I want to share what I and many others consider to be the best Writer's Workshop (per the Preditors and Editors poll)--and that is Critique Circle
Note: the one genre they don't support is Fanfiction.
And why am I recommending CC, you may ask? It's because of my book, This Time, for which I'm currently seeking a publisher.