Adoption is the most personal, important decision parents can make and we will create the adoption process a positive, satisfying journey for you with honestly, ethical behavior, individual attention and constant support.
Ukraine Adoption Process

1. Fill out and send Contact Form to us.
Once we receive your Contact Form, we immediately will send you our adoption information packet and assign personal facilitator to work with you on a one-on-one basis. Our facilitator will help you complete international adoption dossier packet and will assist you until your interntional adoption is finalized.

2. File the I-600A form with your local office USCIS.

You can download the form online. Our facilitator will help you complete your I-600A form. Processing of your application can take several months, so you should begin this step even if you have not decided on a country from which to adopt, or if your homestudy is not complete.

3. Begin a Homestudy process, which is a series of meetings with a social worker in your state.

Please do not start your home study process until we confirm with you that the home study agency will prepare a home study with requirements of the Ukraine. Some countries have specific requirements for home study and we would like to avoid any delays in the future.

4. Submit your home study to the USCIS and wait for pre-approval.

After you submit your home study, USCIS will let you know when and were you will be fingerprinted. After you have been fingerprinted, you will wait for your pre-approval. This can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

5. Gather documents and complete your Dossier.

6. Receive I-171H pre-approval to adopt from Immigration and Naturalization.

Authenticate dossier documents.
Complete your dossier and send to us for review. Once we review dossier we will submit the dossier for translation and processing to the Adoption Center.

8. Wait for a travel invitation letter from Adoption center to meet your child and/or complete the adoption.

9. While waiting to travel, collect donations to take to the orphanage for the children who will remain behind.

10. Travel to Ukraine to complete adoption process.
Facilitator will meet you in airport and assist you with all adoption processing oversee until family departure with a child to the US.

11. Register your son/daughter with the Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate that has jurisdiction over your state.

12. Participate in post-placement evaluations with your homestudy agency, which includes several visits over a time frame specified by Ukraine.