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International adoption dossier is a collection of documents assembled for the foreign government. Every country has different international dossier requirements.We will provide you with step- by- step instructions about international adoption dossier preparation.

The following general documents required:

1. Citizens of the United States, who wish to adopt a child from Ukraine, should submit a written petition to the State Department on Adoption and Protection of the Children's Rights of the Ministry of Family, Sports and Yougth of Ukraine.
2. Proof of income (evidence of received wages or copy of income tax declaration respectively certified).
3. Marriage Certificate copy, if applicants are legally married.
4. Medical for each applicant
5. Notarized consent of one of the spouses in writing (if only one of the spouses adopts)
6. Criminal record clearance issued by a local Law Enforcement
7. HS report that approves applicants for adoption. A HS service provider's license copy must be submitted too.
8. Respective authority's permission for adopted orphan to enter a country of applicants' residence and for permanent residence there.
9. Passports' or any other identification document copy.
10. Criminal record clearance issued by respective country-wide authority.
11. Letter of Obligation to register adopted child at the respective diplomatic authority of Ukraine in the country of new permanent residence within one month after entering the country (including full street address of Ukrainian diplomatic mission) and to submit regular reports (no less than once a year) of the child's living and upbringing conditions to this authority as well as allow a representative of a Ukrainian diplomatic mission to communicate with the child.

Besides, according to art. 252 of CPC of Ukraine a document verifying a right for ownership or right for using a housing property must be submitted.

The above documents of international applicants are then Legalized (other than Passport or any other identification document copies) by the respective international diplomatic mission of Ukraine, unless otherwise is stipulated by international treaties of Ukraine, and are submitted to the State Department for Adoptions and Protection of the Rights of the Child together with their
translations into Ukrainian.


We please ask for your attention that upon documents submission
the validity term must be current for at least 6 months. The State
Department is not responsible to inform candidates for adoption of
their documents expiration dates. Reaching expiration date is
grounds for taking off the registry of adoptive candidates."