Songs of the Hutchinsons
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Battle Cry of Freedom
Close His Eyes, His Work Is Done: Lay Him Low
Cot Where We Were Born
Darling Nelly Gray
Eight Hours
Get Off the Track!
Good Old Days of Yore (revised version)
Grafted into the Army
Grandfather's Clock
Harry of the West
Henry George, Our Hero
Ho! for California; or, California Gold Diggers
Horticultural Wife
Humbugged Husband
Hundred Years Hence
If I Were a Voice
Jamie's on the Stormy Sea
Johnny Sands
Kansas Suffrage Song
Kind Words Can Never Die
King Alcohol
Kingdom Coming; or, Year of Jubilo
Lay Him Low (adapted from "Close His Eyes, His Work Is Done" by John and Abby)
May Queen
Old Grandfather
Old Granite State; or, Family Song
Old High Rock
One Hundred Years Hence
Pauper's Funeral; or, Pauper's Drive
Popular Creed; or, Dime and Dollars, Dollars and Dimes
Riding in a Stage
Right Over Wrong
Ship on Fire
Slave's Appeal; or, Over the Mountain and Over the Moor
Song of the Shirt
Spider and the Fly
Tenting on the Old Camp Ground
There Must Be Something Wrong
Uncle Sams Farm

Bonus: A "New" Song by Jesse Hutchinson, Jr.

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