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Innovation Services Innovation plays an important role in small business success. Generating ideas for new products, services and processes can contribute to business growth and more efficient ways to do business. Research has shown that innovation, when properly managed, can produce a higher rate of return than many other forms of investment. The NSW Government is committed to advancing innovation and provides assistance and services to promote the adoption of innovation in business.
What Qualifies as an Innovation? Any original concept, new or improved device, product, material, business process or service falls within the definition of innovation and will be considered for assistance at NSW Innovation Advisory Centres.
Why Evaluate or Assess an Innovation? Only a very small number of innovations end up making money in the marketplace. Many factors can contribute to this low success rate, such as: the innovation is not technically feasible; there is little demand for the innovation; the development of the innovation has been poorly planned; the innovation is unable to be produced at competitive prices; there is inadequate knowledge of the marketplace and competitors; there is inadequate management skill to commercialise the innovation. All these factors can be addressed by looking ahead and by getting good advice. If you have a new idea, or a new product that you think may be marketable, why not use AusInvent Innovation Services or the Innovation Advisory Centres to assist you in its development?
AusInvent Innovation Services This website is for inventors and innovators and provides the following services: Innovators Self-Assessment Software - to help new inventors take the initial steps towards marketing and production of their inventions; Innovation Advice and Support - information and support mechanism for individuals and businesses with innovation enquiries; Innovation News and Events - up-to-date interest items and innovation features from around the world; Virtual Inventors' Exhibition - a part of the website where inventors can exhibit their wares, can network and can market their ideas; Hot Links - a great selection of web links for access to further information and assistance.
Innovation Advisory Centres Each Centre offers a range of services to help you make your idea more marketable and profitable. Services include: access to self-assessment software; business advice and referral; low-cost technical assessment. A New South Wales Innovation Advisory Centre is your first step along the path to successful commercialisation. It will help you begin your planning with advice and self-assessment.
Go on then, invent something.
Take what you invented and share it.