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As a new term kicks off and new people come in to join the club it's time for some great Polo. As of freshers fair the club saw 19 new members put their names down on the "interested" list. They can expect the first email to be coming round shortly full of all the information they need.


  • The club is looking to organise an introduction day, where anyone can come along for a taste of Polo, hopefully prices could be as low as �10 per person for this but as yet this is still in the planning stage.
  • The club is also looking to hold an induction evening where all you 'young-uns' will be introduced to the other important side of polo, partying!

    Yesterday we held the first Polo lesson for the UNIVERSITY OF SURREY POLO CLUB! Your Treasurer, Nikki Gibbins, as well as Sarah Huntley, Laura Scorse and Katie Bell went up to Windsor for an indroduction to Polo. As all four were already at ease on a horse the lesson was able to progress quite fast. Going from practising hitting on the ground with short sticks right up to playing a mini-chukka (a two on two) at the end. Photo's were taken, of course, and can be seen in The Photo Gallery

    As the new term, the summer term, has kicked off it's time for the Polo club to really kick into gear. This thursday (the 21st) We are heading up to Fifield Polo Club for our first lesson. Everyone is welcome to join just get in touch and I'll organise everything from there. Take a few hours out from the tedium of revision to enjoy an evening of Polo in some of the UK's finest countryside. Look at the Club website to further build your enthusiasm.

    I'm trying to organise a little something for people who are around over easter and want to start playing. Working towards going out either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of the second week of holidays. We can head on up, learn some Polo, then head down into Ascot for a drink or two. I'll be in contact over the phone to arrange further but if anyone who hasn't voiced an interest is interested please email me (see below) and I'll get in contact.

    Thursday evenings is looking like the likely playing time. Still awaiting more emails that could swing it.

    The first Guide to polo has gone up (though it's having some teething problems). Read it to get a quick look at how polo works as a game. Please note it is not done to be exact, at times I have said a player should not be where they are to demonstrate a basic rule. It is intended for beginners and is not intended to be techincally perfect. I feel it does however introduce the new player to the basics sparing them technicalities of play I do not think they need know about at this level.

    Despite poor turn out the club has begun! (I know, exams, dissertations - it's ok) The committee has been elected with Mark Newson as President, Claire Mills as Secretary and Nikki Gibbons as Treasurer. Well done and thank you everyone who's helped make this a reality!

    The Club will be holding it's first AGM on Monday the 7th; meeting in the Union at 13:15. We will be looking to elect a comittee, among other issues, but above all meet you all, hopefully. To hold proper elections the Union requires that there be at least 10 of us there, so please come along.

    THE CLUB HAS BEEN RATIFIED! The next step is to call a general meeting where a comittee shall be elected. Posts are "President", "Treasurer" and "Secretary". Furthermore I propose the election of positions "Social Officer", and "Sponsorship Secretary".

    Tonight the club shall stand for ratification before the Students Union.


    Welcome to the site that should be getting going over the next few weeks, just gotta try and remember what little HTML I know so that it can actually work as planned.

    Essentially I am in the process of setting up a UniS polo team. Whilst we already have a significant number of people we are always looking for more. If you are interested in joining then you can either call me on 07834 232 808 or email me here at the UniS Polo Email Address

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    Thank you so much to Claire who has been very helpful in helping make this club a reality.