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The plan for tomorrow is as follows.

Leave work at around noonish. Call a cab at around 2. Get on the 3:15 bus to Scarborough to rendezvous with a ride up to Ottawa. Assuming there's a ride back in Scarborough. Otherwise, contingency plan a will be executed. And hopefully something will be going on in Kingston.

The last week has been frustrating at work. I was getting results at the end of ast week and thought that would be a trend that would continue. Such would not be the case. I finally got some useable data this week. This is a good thing. The boss is away on holidays. Results means I'm being paid for something.

We won our second (third, including exhibitions) game this past Monday. That was a good time. Unfortunately, I had to miss the boss' bbq. On the up side, not all my teams' wins have come while I was away now.

I enjoyed my half-birthday. It began with a short visit to the Grad Club, recommenced at the Tir Ngg Og some time after. There was some waking up off the kitchen floor in between.


Mostly just keywords to cue my memory. too many details felt like they could've been incriminating.

Day 17-22. May 29 - June 3. Kingston.

Restart. Softball. Patio. Grad Club. Exsanguination. Mice. Colon. Cell impalements. repeat. 3x daily.


I will try now to recount the last 31 days and nights in as concise a method as i am currntly capable of operating.

Night 0. May 13. I don't know if celebrating a departure is a common occurence, but let's just say we were exchanging farewells as I would be leaving the... (for lack of an adjective) town of Kingston for two weeks. The following day I would be flying off to Chicago (Via Toronto). So we exchanged drinks, and I realized there were more than a few that I should've called this evening. Luckily, I only had a few individuals phone numbers in my wallet at the time - as even dialing these were quite the chore - and so I invited all (/both) out for a night of merriment, and to see me off of course. Let's just say I woke up where some people might work much after many a bar had closed.

Day 1. May 14. I packed this morning and headed to the airport. Packing was an uneventful affair. I made sure I had some nice, some comfortable clothes, some deodourizing/reodouroizing agents and whatever else it is one travels to the States with these days. Details of journey to Chicago withheld due to lack of anything interesting happening.

Days 2-7. May 14-19. Chicago. 4 days at Digestive Diseases Week. 2 meals at the McDonalds of the conference centre (packed with gastroentereologists and the like). 1 night zt the Natural History Museum with fancy people-type buffet dinner, open bar and live string quartet. Breath in, breath out. to my grave. 1 cigar bar. 1 irish pub. 5 x 2 block rectangle of "area safe to roam in at most hours of the night". 45262 too many steps between conference rooms. 1 mini fridge. 5 pillows/bed. A few Goose Island. 1 Deep Dish Pizza. 3 muggings. 40 shootings. 5 sombrero-wearing mexican beers enjoying a siesta. 10 oz. glasses. Pretty people hawking endoscopes. Branded silly-putty. EneMan - the superhero enema bottle. for free. free hot dogs. free popcorn. Blood drop-shaped blood drop. I'm good with shapes. Medical Colleges. with free chocolate. Australians. Steaks. What's that word... the older ladies... with the money... but classier than cougars... like more money. Good block. Bad block. Crack block. Shuttle busses. Purple bags. Tourists. Here's to Digestive Diseases... and the elimination of... 4 oclock. free HBO. No MasterCard. Corporate funding? 1 day at the Art Institute. Many pretty pictures. Some times too many little kids. No Wrigley. No Comiskey. No Soldiers. very windy. politicians. daily digestive news. Welcome to America.

Mechanical failure. Delay. No fix. Plane 2. Delay. Mechanical failure. 1200 Departures and arrivals daily. 16 seats. 5 tables. 160 sq feet. smokers welcome.

Kingston. Late. Ride tomorrow. Scarborough by noon. Unpack. Repack. Sans laundry. Arrividerci.

Days 8-11. May 20-23. STC. shift. Lyndsay. Fenelon Falls. Kinmount. Buckhorn. Yellow Rock. Moose. Apples. Pears. Poker. Potatoe gun. Paddle boat. illicit... walks. mushrooms. abandoned houses. barbed wire. mine fields. poking stick. moon. slip. road-side ditch. in the left arm. no. words. crab cake 6-shrimp-seafood salad breakfast. pull-out. fire. wood. firewood. g. iTrip. itrip. you're pirti. party. 3 nights. 30 minute mornings. stainless. 30 minutes. stainful. 5 dollars. All in. No. touch. No. 7s are lucky. Baccarat. Randy Travis. Neil Young. Heart of Gold. Once an hour. Dice. Asshole. Assburn. Drink! minus 1 case x 12 x 40 oz olde english. minus 1 aurora borealis. meh

Days 11-17. May 23-29. Corvette. Fish & Chips. Steak. Fries. Ketchup. Catsup. spinny Mc. csi. one week. 1 night. 4 years ago? 1.5 sisters. 5.0 sisters. 1.0 Brother. + 58 more brothers. red meat. potatoes. wendys. walmart. Mcdonalds. canadian tire. Walmart. UV 7. some laundry. l'autobus.

i'm losing steam... to be continued in ktown.


Ummm... some stuff has happened the last month.

Was in Chicago for a few days. Made it up to Martin's cottage with very little packing time. Spent a few days in Scarbomoroughland. Softball. And plenty of patio action


Tuesday night. Started out as a quiet night, as was planned. Ran into Linda for the first time after many months, and formally met a number of grad club regulars that I had seen around many a time. I met Grace again, probably not for the first time as we both seemed pretty sure we had met before and shared many mutual acquaintances. When I was first asked to join them, I was very delighted, but had been actually feeling kind of drab as I knew I still had to stop off at work before heading home. I replied with the truth, I'd love to, but I'd probably start having an awesome time, then the tendency to bibbing would welcome with open arms, and one drink would lead to another, and we'll have pissed our night away, with my job left undone, then me there unemployed, I'd end up in the gutter without so much as a drink - and that's why I'm afraid I can't.

I joined them for a drink (s).


Annie and Heather's party.


Michelle's party


MM's party


Went to Sol Latino for the first time last night to watch Selena sing accompanied with Spencer Evans on the keyboard. Sol Latino was lit with ambient lighting, a really comfortable looking place. Their appetizers were very moderately priced and I was introduced to the very tasty mojitos.


Wednesday night went to the Joel Plaskett + Pete Elkas show. Ran into a few Grad Club regulars from Botterell and some open-mic reggies as well. Turned out Matt Barber was opening for them as well.

I was introduced to the works of Ogden Nash. I enjoy his works. I've now and then wish I could write at a Dr. Seuss level. If I could write children's books for a living, I would. Alas, my talents do not stand in writing children's literature however. Though after reading reading the works of Ogden (... or Mr. Nash) I realized my writing style is more akin to his than any other writers I've come across.


The wishing hour of 11:11 p.m.

Erratum: What I wrote under [3.12.05] was actually written on [4.12.05]. And [3.08.05] was actually [4.08.05]. I don't know where March went. ... It's just gone...

I'm sorry I never have any new exciting stories to share. I think it's time I got around to trying to write another. Here goes:

Summer's approaching, I feel it draw near,
Full of good days made better, when chock-full of beer.
That's it, listen up, sit here my dear,
My tale now, will be a true world premiere.

Funny jokes, and anecdotes, do truly delight,
But what makes a spectacle, truly take flight,
Is now what I'm looking for, a true expedition.
Even if it does lack, a sales commission.

So, on a trek, off they went,
In merry trots and gallops.
By the light of the moon, 12 hours past noon,
They felt they had to pee.

Past some trees, came the sight of proud, preen, pristine pillars.
And for a second, the night, it did seem to get a little stiller.
Dashing into the shadow, of one mighty pillar, was really a good idea.
Tis the time, tis the place, to expel a little urea.

With his back to the street, and his pee on the steps,
It's a good thing he was quick on his feet.
A happy lad, and most giving man,
He spent a penny on the doors of justice that night.

So, on a trek, off they went,
In merry trots and gallops.
By the light of the moon, at 12 hours past noon,
Came Mr. Raccoon, with his belly in a sway, looking for something to eat.

He was a dancer I was told, when given the proper beat.
So this time around,
what was to be found,
was the rhythm to make him move his feet.

In the streets we did play, in the street we did dance,
In the streets we sang, and yes some even pranced.
But Mr. Raccoon, we could not amuse
As he continued on his quest to be fed.

So, on a trek, off they went,
Frolicking. promenading, down the street.
A bounce in his step, like the bounce in her hair,
And a sway in that little derriere.

Free of care, and full of daring,
A rapturous night they were sharing.
Well, hello there, how do you do? "In the morning dew"
"A glorious scene came through"

In the light of the sun, and the glow of your smiles,
I'd like to spend at least seventeen whiles.
This story I was telling, I'm afraid it's now done,
So let's get on with it, let's have some fun.

That's it, no dilly, no dally, no more
Stories of nothing, just do not become lore.


Three presentations in three days = no fun for... this guy

Fial final ever! (at least for a couple years hopefully) + casino night + open-mic = many fun possibilities.


Let's begin writing once more much less than i intend to

here are some things that happened, and thoughts that passed.

last night. Hoot-hollerin' good time at the Hootenay at the Grad Club. I now adore Carolyn Mark. She's got quite the stage presence.

Went to a formal at Grant Hall, with the evening ending at the Grizz. Saw very few undergrads. Night was not all bad.

Learned the difference between a cha-cha and a merengue... some differences...

Had my students act out a home pregnancy test.

Invited to emcee the final open-mic night at Grad Club.

Begun writing thesis, and preparing presentations for departmental seminar series, research in progress meeting, and neuroendocrinology final.

Selected hotel for Digestive Diseases Week.

Ended term as VP Operations and Treasurer for SGPS and Grad Club.

Easter Dinner at the Fenrich's.

Signed up for physiology's "fun" softball team.

Started watching Arrested Development and Desperate Housewives.

Hopeful fortunes I've received: "Good news will be brought to you by mail" "You are going to have a very comfortable old age"

It might be time for me to start taking the dancing and acting more seriously if it's what I want to do.

Shimmied, just a bit.

Started to undo the tarnishing and sullying some have taken my name through.

Apparently there are pitfalls to being too happy regularly... or at least appearing so...

There are those with nothing better to do than to seek out something wrong with you or that you're doing wrong that acts as the source of or catalyst for your happiness. Possibly because they don't seem to be it.

Started playing Euchre again.

Cheered on Slaves of Spanky at Bandslam.


Monday (24th) was super-productive day. Tuesday was disappointing-turn-depressing-turn-super-happy-fun day. Today was sleepy day (without the sleep).


Lots has happened in the past month. I will write of things in the order in which they come to mind, until something shinier catches my eye.

The christmas break was enjoyable. Not too thrilling, definitely mucho relaxo. Didn't get to see many old time chums that i had hoped to, but really not surprised that things turned out that way. It just would've been too draining to go see everyone. So to those I didn't see, it's not b/c I don't love you anymore, it's just I'm still a lazy ass without a car. I did enjoy seeing my family again. Wouldn't have wanted to spend much more time with them than I did but it was definitely nice hanging out with certain members of the family again. In particular in this group are many of my aunts and uncles, as well as the cousin who now analyses world markets in New York, and of course the half-sister. I do have an awesome family, even if you do take into account the less astute of the bunch. Also found out that apparently certain individuals in my family consider a smelly cat an emergency. This is why I very seldom give out the numbers of friends who I'm staying with.

At the first open-mic after the break (last Wednesday I believe), I was most flattered as I was asked if I would start emceeing open-mics regularly. I reluctantly agreed and good times were had by all in attendance. There was a pretty sizeable crowd, reminiscent of the first several open-mic nights when the room would be full of appreciative, happy music-lovers and the mood would be jovial til we were ushered out... or asked to leave politely. I attended open-mic night as per usual. A really communal spirit has really arisen amongst the open-mic night crowd, with individuals getting and lending accompaniment midway into songs. It's actually pretty awesome to see someone start of playing lone but end up with four or five backup musicians by the end and various solos thrown in throughout. I still just do the occasional spoken word and interpretive dance piece but am in the market for a harmonica.

My Christmas poem to the Grad Club staff got put in the January edition of antiThesis. Yes, they were in much need of material. I am somewhat disappointed that they took their liberties with my title. It was suppose to be "Ode Leftovers are Delicious". As most people who I talk to regularly now know (who I assume are the only ones who would bother reading this) I consider all good things to be "delicious". The piece was an ode, and leftover from before the Christmas break, and y'know, I thought I'd pun it up while I was at it (y'know, old, "ode" leftovers... haha... ah, shut up). Of course, they threw in a colon and made it Ode: Leftovers are Delicious, leaving many readers curious as to what I was implying... oi.

I've also gone into ultra-moody mode now. Apparently it's something I simply can no longer avoid come February. This time around it's mainly due to the frustrations of fruitless experiments and my personal inadequacies as a student and researcher. Most evenings when I'm not stuck working and get to hang out with some of those rare good folks that can be found in Kingston, I have an awesome time. Unfortunately, many moments are given to thoughs of work and such thoughts have become increasingly depressing in recent weeks.


I never know what to expect from Christmas anymore. There was a time when Christmas time was one of the more predictable times of my year. Not that that made it any less enjoyable, but there were rarely any fantastic surprises and things usually went off without a hitch. That's definitely changed, most notably in the last couple of years. Christmas planning use to rarely start until exam schedules were out for the fall term, but it seemed timing of exams stopped playing a role in my departure time later on in my academic life, as end of term parties took priority, and compatriots from university also joined the ranks of extended family.

This Christmas is one of a few firsts. This marked the first Christmas I actually sent out cards, or at least as far as I can recall clearly. I probably sent out cards at some point in my grade school days too, but they probably consisted of just the typical token yuletime greetings. Since I first considered writing Christmas cards, I always decided against it as I was one of those individuals who didn't believe in sending greetings unless these were going to consist of some meaningful... or at least personal greetings. Quite frankly though, I realized early on that to actually write something personal and of some substance to everyone I felt I should send a card to would require much more time than I felt I had... or would be willing to spend. That or it was just another one of those tasks that seemed daunting enough to dissuade me from ever starting. This time around though, things weren't quite as hectic come card-writing time. For the first time in .... since I started writing exams, I wasn't taking a course in the fall term, so this gave me some free time never before enjoyed. Also, luckily enough my research efforts had been rather fruitful the last couple of weeks leading up to my break and with presentations and abstracts finally submitted, I happened to have the time to do some card and stanza -writing. So with boxes of cards and candy canes at hand, I took my seat by the back of the Grad Club and wrote away.


I had this dream where I was walking. I often walk, especially after the sun sets; often without reason. Walking is one of activites I partake in with no other goal in mind. Just like many others pursue whatever sports or hobbies they choose. I too find other sports and hobbies of interest, but I also enjoy the walks in the dark, in the silence, and if not utter silence, in the more hushed tones which accompany twilight and are lost amongst the ramble of the masses during those more business-like hours. I think those with and without purpose would lead a most interesting debate as to who leads a more fulfilling life if those witout purpose would not find such an endeavour full of more purpose than to their liking. I, for one, will not deny this sense of 'satisfaction' that one (e.g. I) derive from accomplishing a goal, but find pursuits without defined ends equally rewarding once one can accept the means as an end in and of itself. I sometimes talk or mumble in pseudo-wannabe-philosophical terms as somewhere along the way I picked up this notion that thinking deeply and 'examining' the world and oneself would lead to a feeling of 'knowing', of stepping beyond everyday trivilties, and feeling like your better than everyone else. That's an awesome feeling. A lot has gone on in the world since I last stepped up onto the interweb. I guess I could tell you a little about it, give my opinions and such - maybe rant a little - but my feeling is that if you really cared about what was going on in the world and such at this point, you wouldn't be here.

I made my open-mic debut at the grad club this past wednesday. It was something. I too enjoy statements which further the knowledge of asbolutely nothing to anyone. I opted out the interpretive dance that was originally planned (or was in the process of being planned) and instead did a little spoken word. The piece I chose was one which was regularly performed by Ian, one of the hosts of open-mic. It had become a pretty well known song amongstnst thhe Wednesday night regulars. I s'm still not sure what it's called but 'Lola' comes up many times in the song. It wasn't Copacabana.

I've also read a fair number of the strips at over the last couple of weeks.


i recently realized why my cat and I get along so well. He's the Stewie to my Brian. hmmm. I hope you both watch Family Guy. Otherwise I just sound odd. Many days have passed... since the beginning of time... since I started at Queen's... since I went and did the old typsey-mcwebpage shimmy.


My maternal grandfather is in a hospital (in Hong Kong) now, apparently rather sick. My mom has gone over to visit. I sense a much greater unease at hearing this news than when I learned my grandmother had passed away. My grandmother was always around as a child. She had been pretty much rendered inactive by her ailments for a good number of years - as long as I remember. She spent much of my childhood days lying on the couch watching old chinese soap operas. This was not so much due to idleness on her part (though i guess by definition it is) so much as from an inability to participate in more physically demanding activities. I don't seem to be able to recollect a time when she really was able to manuever with ease let alone grace. She was one of those seemingly calm, collected individuals. Apparently, after she passed away (both grandparents had been back in Hong Kong for several years now), my grandfather seemed to have lost some of his vigour, so to speak. He was the type of indidivdual who use to walk about 20 minutes to and from McDonals each and every morning, if only to get a coffee. I never fully appreciated my grandparents until they had long left the continent. There are a number of times since then I have considered going to visit. I have a large number of relatives (probably at least 10-15 uncles and aunts on one side of the family tree alone) still back east. I'm pretty sure I've still yet to meet a significant proportion of my family as well. It's been about 15 years since I left the continent. I think I recall writing some time back though of how much there is to explore in a place like Ontario alone. Obviously there are sights which stir my curiosity. But it's the people which I'm curious to engage. More so with family as I tend to believe that perhaps will reveal something about myself that my current circumstances would not.

[10.31.04] 2:20 a.m.

Last weekend was homecoming. More of the usual stupidity by spoiled brats who think they run the town due to the fact that others actual cater to their needs, and for once they're not so totally dependent on mommy and daddy (except for maybe their bank accounts). I was out of town last weekend at a CAGs (Canadian Association of Gastroenterology) conference at the Kingsbridge Centre. It was primarily for grad students and post-docs, and meant to give them more experience/practice presenting in an environment that would hopefully be less intimidating than a major conference. I met a lot of good folk there. It was definitely nice to meet others around my age who's research relates at least somewhat to mine. I greatly enjoyed the company of those who I hung out with at night after the rounds of presentations and shared meals with. Fun folk; many of them.

The centre itself was definitely conducive to an enjoyable weekend. Meals were delicious. At one point I happened to notice a sign on the back of the door to our room. I think the price per room for 1 person was in the area of ~$350. I might be mistaken, but that's what I recall (and that appeared to be for one night; could've been for a weekend). Let's just say we were treated well. The main bar had a free foosball table that was very well maintained. There were also open bars at dinner. The conference itself was made possible (by which I mean, financially supported) by AstraZeneca, who needless to say, haa more than ample finanical resources for such a production and understandably would have an interest in such research even (or especially) in their infancy.

Debaters from McGill our jerks. The debating club/tournament/whatever was having a tournament apparently here at Queen's sometime over the last coupla days. They had booked the Grad Club, but hadn't been very explicit as to whether it would be on the Friday or the Saturday (and Grad Club's normally closed on Saturdeay nights. They also hadn't yet confirmed their booking when the time they had booked it for came to pass. Friday nights are usually pretty dead at the Grad Club as people drop off for a pint after work and hangout before going their separate ways, maybe head downtown for the evenings. Now, the debating jerks, booked the Grad Club for 9:00 p.m. By 9:30 or so our group (there were 5 of us left at that point) were the only ones left in the bar. By 10:00 p.m. the staff were deliberating on whether or not they should just close up since that's the usual plan when it's that quiet. By 10:45 they had called last call, emptied all their tills, completed rest of the nightly clean-up tasks and were pretty much closed up and just waiting for us to go so they could leave and start enjoying the weekend. At ~11:05p.m. the debating club then decides to show up. They had left no contact #. Hadn't appeared to confirm their booking. Didn't bother calling just to say they would be late. But were left in since certain people might get angry if they turned away a group of 150. And then these debaters were just raucous and bad tippers. Thought they ran the place 'cause they had it booked. And a group (most likely from McGill) stole my buddy's winter coat (undoubtedly some spoiled self-centred prick who still thought that theft in and of itself would be 'fun' or 'cool', especially since if anything ever got stolen from them they'd just have to make a call to mommy and daddy. jerks). All the facts suggest that it was stolen, specifically by some debaters from McGill, but I'm not going to go into that anymore at this point since I think I've spent enough time on this unpleasantness as is. Let's just say by the end of the night, nothing would've made me happier than to see a McGill debater stabbed. Not just anyone of them. But a few specific ones. Not necessarily by me either. (love not war)

For Hallowe'en this year I dressed up as the Mad Hatter from Alice and Wonderland. We did this whole Alice in Wonderland theme. Went to the SGPS Hallowe'en party at the Iron Horse. It wasn't quite as well attended as last year, possibly because it was on a Thursday, but everyone who went was awesome. I had a good time. Hung out with a group I spent quite a bit of time with during orientation week, but hadn't really seen since. Awesome folk. Delicious.

I don't know if i've mentioned this here yet but I've been using 'delicious' increasingly to describe things - in particular myself. I think there's nothing better than being delicious. When I'm happy, I think I'm in a delicious mood. Awesome people are delicious. I don't think there can be any bad associsations with being delicious. I mean, even if one were evil; would you not rather be deliciously evil than just plain evil. I know I would... if I were evil.

Again, i'll fill in more details when i remember and have the time. It's laundry time.


So, by now you've probably realized I'm not the most frequent pseudo-blog updater. I hate that term - blog. I'll once again reaffirm my disdain for the direction in which the English language is tumbling. I agree that language itself should evolve to best serve its purpose which would then reflect society's current trends. I'm just not too impressed with the fact that 'blog' is now a commonly recognized term, and 'google' has become a verb.

Enough about that though. COnsidering it's been a little over a month since my last update, I should have a little something to write about recent events in my life. I shall now proceed with some details (some more full than others) in no particular order... by which I mean the order in which they rise to the forefront of my mind.

This past weekend was Thanksgiving day weekend. I can't remember if I usually go home then. I could see myself being either one that would or wouldn't. This year I was one of those who did not. Instead, I spent Thanksgiving in the good graces of Keith and Carolyn. Keith, I know from Physiology, and Carolyn is his wife. They decided to invite a few people over who were either too far from their family too travel home just for the weekend or for whatever other reason had just decided to stay in Kingston for the long weekend (that's me; my reason, as per usual, was a good amount of work that needed to be done). It was a nice homey affair, and without any trace of unease which might at times arise over the course of a long weekend with family (don't get me wrong, I still love them all).

Man, I really do need to update this more often. Otherwise, I'll have all these wonderful stories to share, but then it'll be like 2:00 in the a.m. and I'll be like 'hey guy, maybe tonight you should try getting a few more hours of the sleep'. Though having hte voice in my head sound like Cal from Undergrads isn't really that bad... at least initially... before the wheezing...

yeah, celebrated some birthdays, submitted some reports, attended some talks, impaled a few more neurons (though usually killing them in the process), bought some books, received some dvds from Columbia House, open mic nights at grad club, pub tours, okay, i think i've left enough stuff to write about later on now...

oh, and yeah, so i am still alive ;-)


So, again, quite a bit has happened since I last updated. It's been a busy last couple of weeks. I finished moving into my new place, got my new kitten (Boots David "Bear" Wellington - I decided to leave off the "The First"), finally got phone and internet at the new place, submitted an abstract for an upcoming conference, and have been taking part in a number of the orientation activities the SGPS had planned for this week. I don't know (or just don't care) where I start so maybe I'll just toss out some random thoughts and memories.

So, this week, the SGPS had a mixer and bands and the Grad Club on Wednesday and Thursday I believe. I attended both activities and was pleased to say they were quite a success. Needless to say, I met a lot of people. I was also pleasantly surprised to meet with some fellow Waterloo alum. Now, Waterloo alum wouldn't really have been of note, but one was Shelly, a girlfriend of my roommate from first year, and the other was Pam, who had graduated from the Science - Psychology program, in which I believe there were 6 people the year I graduated, one of whom was Angela, a dear friend who lived across the street from me for two years and shared many drinks with.

Now, when I first showed up at the Grad Club yesterday it was pretty quiet, and I had conceded to myself that maybe it would be a quiet night to be spent at the bar, working on the crossword, and mingling with the other random patrons. Then I ran into Dr. Dorris, a good guy, and as far as profs go - awesome. So he told me of this pub crawl that some students had planned. Now, as he is a prof within the department of physiology, I naturally assumed that it was a physiology department the had planned a pub crawl, and was rather dejected that I had not been contacted. Many people had expressed their displeasure with the fact that the SGPS was not having a pub crawl, and this was something I took a lot of criticism for the last couple of weeks despite the fact that I was pretty much the only one arguing for a pub crawl to the bitter end. Subsequently, I ran into some other individuals from Botterell (home to the life sciences at Queen's) and found out that the pub crawl had been organized through a medical neuroscience class). I happened to know a number of people in said class, and long story short, ended up on a pub crawl.

Oi, okay, it's saturday night, and I got to go back to making dinner and preparing for the evening's festivities, so i'll write some more at a later time. Cheers.


Much has transpired this past week. Let's start at the very beginning... that being the last evening in recent memory that I have yet to write about. I believe this would've been last Friday... with this one party that had booked a couple rooms in the Grad Club for a Jack and Jill. There were few others by about 9 in the evening, and they're whole party seemed like good folk, so I mingled with a few of them. It was a good time, I met a number of people including of course the bride, groom and their mothers. I was invited to join the party upstairs but was told that it would cost $10. Now, I'm not exactly a spendthrift, especially when it comes to entertainment expenses, but when there are more economical and possibly more entertainig alternatives, i surely give them a go. And so, I grabbed a bus tray, headed upstairs, walked past the ticket table people and played busboy (I knew that experience would come in handy). I came to meet a lot of new people that evening, many fans of the "this guy" t-shirt, and hopefully a few of this guy. Before leaving I was invited for a picture with the bride and groom, as well as one more with a couple of dames kissing me. These folk were AWESOME. I wish Dave and Christine all the best. (and i apologize if i misremembered their names, but like i tell everyone, i forget a lot of names).

Saturday evening was to be a quiet Clue-themed night at Lee's house, with Clue the movie and drinking clue along with various other games involving consumption of alcohol at various rates. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) we're not very good judges of how much we typicaly consume in an evening, so by about 11:30 our 26ers of Baha Rose (rosa?) and Crown Royal were pretty much tapped, so we proceeded to The Brass with Heather. Much foosball and Tequila shots followed. The bartenders seemed to like us, but then again, we were also tipping quite generously through the evening. They eventualy just gave us a glass of lemons, realizing that we would be continually ordering tequila shots. I hit a little snag at one point when in the midst of a heated foosball match I finished my rye and coke of the moment and then found out they ran out of Fosters. Luckily I salvaged the game by doing shots in between goals instead. Apparently the barkeeps were quite impressed at our rate of alcohol consumption, despite a lack of knowledge of how insobre we were before arriving. I'm amazed we actually kept getting served straight through til last call.

Monday evening I ran into Elize (my predecessor at the SGPS) and her friend Shannon, who had decided to throw an impromptu dinner party. This turned out to be quite the shindig, and again, I met a number of new very pleasant people, and partook in a number of heated foosball matches. I do kinda feel bad for spilling/pouring that glass of wine on Shannon, though I still haven't found out yet who poured/spilled the first glass of wine. Regardless, we ended up going to Stages, the two of us wearing a full glass of white wine each on our shirts. Again, I'm impressed we got in and kept getting served. Again, altogether, another very pleasant evening, especially considering I had originally meant to just sit at the Grad Club and read a few research articles.

The next two nights were much more tame. I don't think anything noteworthy really happened. The one night though, I think it was just me at the bar again, when an older gentleman entered and joined us for a beer at the bar. This gentleman turned out to be Allan Macrae, a mining engineer, industrialist, and environmentalist who has written a number of articles with a world reknown astrophysicist, and others on the actual impact of human activity and global warming. I won't go into all the details at this point as I feel I should get through the rest of the days since before more stuff happens that I'll later forget.

Wednesday I did a little moving.

Thursday night there were two bands playing at the Grad Club - The Golden Dogs and The Spades I believe. Unfortunately I could not stay for their performances as I had a wine-tasting party to attend. I'd say maybe a little over half the attendees were people with some sort of affiliation with the SGPS plus some friends. This little soir´┐Że was held at Dave's place, a nice little apartment on Princess with a hot tub as well as a most spacious living room. Dave was quite the host and had a number of delectables available. He makes a mean spinach dip i tells ya. So, what Andrzej, our former SGPS president, had not told us was that he would be bringing his X-Box - which also doubles as a karaoke machine. Much fun was had, and I was walked home at about 4:30 the next morning again.


You know what's been a really pleasant surprise? How many talented female foosball players there are in this town. I do feel very lucky to have met so many of them. Okay, so that was part of last night. Tonight... I don't know quite where to begin. My experiments were fruitless as per usual. I started the evening at Grad Club, working on a little writeup about my position within the SGPS and myu qualifications, yadda yadda yadda for the admin and new principal. We were at the grad club for awhile. By we, I mean myself and some members of the physiology softball team (2). By 'awhile', I mean... I have no recollection of what time we left at at this point, but it was after all the chairs had been stacked, the tables put aside, everyone else had left, and all the doors were locked, and lights turned off. I saw a few shooting stars tonight. I did wish I had better underwear on this evening, as I'll concede tonight was the first time I'd gone swimming with lesbians in varying degrees of nakedness in Lake Ontario. Poutine is also delicious. I feel lucky to have met these ladies. Many things make me feel lucky.


I think some people think that I have a drinking problem. Others recognize it as no more than a healthy drinking habit. I've defended drinking in moderation (as with all other things in moderation) a fair bit in my time, usually trying to define moderation in the process as well. I have moments where I think I'm really not that amusing a character outside of an inebriated state. It's ironic though, this sentiment usually arises when I've had an inebriant or two, and often when I'm looking to get, well, not thoroughly soused, but at least to forget some of the more sour points of recent memories. I've discussed this with a number of people, and usually the response is something to the effect that I'm just being silly. Quite often these are individuals I rarely go drinking with, and for the most part they tell me that I'm a gooda/funny-a guy regardless (or at least so they'd have me believe). These are often the same people who I confide much in. I don't know if there's any specific reason why for the most part my confidants and drinking companions form mutually exclusive groups - not completely, but for the most part. Like most people, I tend to say too much (especially with regards to things that are probably better left unsaid) when I'm a step or two from sobriety. This is probably why I generally avoid speaking on things which I think would have any real consequences afterwards, unless something stirs some ire within me. This is of course discounting the risk of people thinking I'm just another loud, obnoxious, belligerent, drunk. I try to avoid acting in such a manner, but really, I think most that know and like me, know my drunken persona well, and I think it's acceptably civil. And then there are just those who's opinions I really don't consider much because, well, quite frankly, I find their presence to be inconsequential to my existence.


I got back to Kingston tonight/this morning/last night at a little before 1 a.m. We left the Sheard Cottage a little late today. The sun was out and noone seemed in too much of a hurry to return to civilization. I went to a demolition derby for the first time this weekend. I enjoyed it thoroughly, not that this should come as a surprise to anyone as it does involve two of my favourite pasttimes - drinking and smashing things. The lack of Truckosaurus or some other similar car-eating machine may have been slightly disappointing but a great time was still had. I don't know if I was really surprised, but I felt more at home at the derby than I usually do in Kingston, despite the fact that Rachel (Johnny's girlfriend) and I were the only non-white people there. It's a little revealing if nothing else. Or maybe not. The rest of the weekend was as debaucherous as one would expect from a long weekend I guess. Though, sometimes I consider the incongruity of "drunken debaucheries" seeing as how drinking tends to dampen the senses. Though I supposed this dampened sense of sensation might be what leads to more excessive indulgence than in more sobering times.


I spend a lot of time at the Grad Club. Truth be told though, I've actually been looking to spend less time there. I usually tell myself at various points throughout the week that maybe I won't go to the Grad Club on a given night, just so I"m not there all the time. Trouble is, usually I end up spending close to twelve hours iin the lab, then I realize how much more I have to do, and home being not a very conducive environment to me being productive at anything, I end up taking a break at the Grad Club before heading over to the office or returning to the lab. Maybe the Grad CLub's become too comfortable. Then again, maybe I just need more people to hang out with and find another diversion. It's hard to commit to anything though when you have no idea how long you're going to be stuck at work on any given day. But regardless, I guess sometimes you just ned to just say "screw it" and move on with your day.

I went to a pig roast yesterday, held at the cottage of Allan Mak, one of the Biochemistry profs and his wife Nanette, who's a lab tech in GIDRU. It was... interesting... enjoyable.... despite the fact that I knew only maybe a few of the hundred or so people that were there. Of the studnets and lab techs that were there, they were pretty much all from the biochemistry department. There was a time when I wouldn't have even given a thought to atending a party where I wouldn't know most of the people that went. With time comes change though. I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. Maybe a bit lonely at times, but then again the view of the lake was did lead to much contemplation. It was another one of those times where I felt secure in my loneliness if you will, despite the throngs of people that were around.

On the work front, things have been looking promising again. After a most frustrating week during which my potential project was changed about three times, I finally started getting results after it was finally decided that I would look at guinea pig neurons instead of mice neurons. Considering now I get more results in a day then I use to be able to get in a week I am much more optimistic with the direction in which my project is headed.


some days i hate the way i talk. some days i hate the way i type. sometimes i enjoy speaking. sometimes its a burden. i like games. the drinking verisons of clue and twister both make time pass with great efficiency. sometimes i think about what it would be like to get stabbed in the eye. i'd imagine it to be rather painful. which perhaps is why i don't stab people in the eye. despite how much i'd feel i'd like to sometimes. like I always say, it's better than stabbing someone in the back. at least this way you can see it coming and who's doing so. certain things calm me down. patios. your choice of intxicants. friendly people. women. lakes. comas. I wonder if work would still pay me if i was in a coma. some days, with some people, it seems like i could just keep talking, until i had to eat again, and maybe take a nap. other days i have nothing to say. though sometimes i still try anyways. and sometimes it just ends up the same. i've contemplated starting my memoris, but just haven't seen the time available to. I've given consideration to the many happenings that i'll probably forget from now til when i will have more time available. words impress me. sometimes in conversation i wonder, how similar ones' interpretation of my words are to what i'm trying to convey. i guess certain things are easier to convey to others. standards are fundamental. my (thesis) project has been changed. which i guess is for the better. i'm working on guinea pigs again, which conveniently have much more of a gut than mice. the Management at Princess Towers are not the most accomodating group i've met. maybe i do need to check my mail more often. i just tend to not bother normally though since it's just usually bills. If only they were consistent with where they put notices for apartment showings. Lets just say it's a good thing I'm usually more or less dressed at home. and have air freshners readily at hand.


I've been keeping busy. Life has been keeping me busy. The SGPS is doing alright. The Grad Club seems to be doing much better now with its new patio. So far, the Grad Club has been one of those things that Kingston has offered me but Waterloo couldn't. Waterloo had a Grad Club (/House?), but it was never home. Few places actually felt like home outside of the residence of mine or my companions'. Fed Hall was probably the closest thing, as sad as it is to admit; or maybe Phils, or rev. Sometimes a hole in the ground just feels right. i wonder how that's going to come across.


I've gone kinda incognito the last few weeks. I'm still alive.
Oh, Strong Bad and his e-mails. Watching him repy to emails is actually much more enjoyable than replying to my own.
I'm on a break.


it has been awhile. **** me? **** you! yeah. Calgary lost. I was disappointed. About halfway through the second period the plan became to make sure that didn't remember the game. Honestly, it was sad. Calgary, didn't really do much. I'm not going to go into a hockey commentary/analysis at this point. I'll just leave it at "I was disapoointed". I'm sure I'm not the only one who shares those sentiments. Was I pissed off at how the calls went (or what was called)? Hell yeah! Oh, there were a lot of people who made me want to stab 'em tonight (the patrons of the grad club know). The season is finally over however, so at least my schedule frees up a bit now... at least for the next little while.

There have been a number of episodes probably worth sharing with the few who care enough to visit this page at least sporadically since I have stopped updating it nearly that frequently. I don't know exactly when the time will come when I'll recap on those few noteworthy happenings but I think (/hope) it will be soon; hopefully before I forget most of it.


Wow, it's been awhile since my last post. I have been busy. Though I don't know how much I'll be able to actually recount. I can't really remember much from the beginning of the month. If I recall correctly there was a lot of SGPS stuff and a lot of meetings. I do remember the May 24 weekend. It was sparsely attended compared to the last 6 years, but y'know, I had a good time. It certainly consisted of a lot more charades and graphing than usually took place at the cottage. Lots of rain and vast amounts of alcohol can incite you to do some interesting things you might not normally do (I do like speaking the obvious).


I no longer have patience for anyone who works less than say 40 hours a week (be it at a job, or school, or any type of work) and whines about how much work they have. Don't get me wrong, I mean, if you're in high school or a fresh undergrad, you deserve to have some time off to relax and be young. Just don't complain when you actually have *some* work to do. I've been working 70 hour weeks regularly the last couple weeks. At first, this seemed like a lot, even to me, but really, 12 hours a day, 5 days a week plus 10 hours over the weekends doesn't seem quite that bad these days. Today was a long day. Not an altogether unpleasant one, but long. I was in the lab by about 7:30 this morning, and left the lab at about half past midnight.

There's some dumb drunkass undergrads being rowdy somewhere in the vicinity of my apartment all too close to my window right now. Assholes. Why would you stay here any longer than you really had too?... Do you really have nothing else to busy yourself with anywhere else in the world but Kingston?... sad sad individuals... so, like I was saying, today wasn't all work. And there were some interesting moments interspersed throughout the day. Stepped into some fresh cement on the way to a meeting with the principal. Paver guy asked me if i was a "fucking retard." I just smiled and kept walking. We were on a schedule, and really, didn't feel like starting anything, I mean, sure he was twice my size, but regardless, I felt bad enough anyways, paving sidewalks for a living and all. Sucker.

Really though, I wasn't anywhere today where I wasn't doing something work-related at least at some point... no wait, I did go home for dinner for a bit. But other than that, I was running experiments in the lab, at that meeting with the principal, being reviewed on numbers on our student fees and working on our policy regarding them and signed some cheques at the grad club. I sign a lot of cheques these days. (Don't ever take a job because you think being the one signing all the cheques will be "kinda cool" or "fun", the novelty wears out quick.) Grad club was as dead as I've ever seen it tonight (I was the only person on the first floor that didn't work there). I was kind of surprised considering how nice it was outside and when I showed up it was the third period in the montreal game which seemed to be entertaining (but then again, considering the rest of my day, I guess anything on the big screen would've been pretty entertaining). All in all, it was a pretty productive day and not as all as stressful as some others I've had in recent memory. My supervisor got some pretty good results with my prep today. Some days I just feel like I'm a lab tech. Ah well, at least we're getting results. Don't know what'll be up for the week-end quite yet. Been too busy really to plan that far ahead as of late, bu that's alright; keeping busy keeps me out of trouble.

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