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ALD Officer Descriptions

Below are the detailed duties for each office position within ALD at UTPA. If you were inducted at the March 24th Induction Ceremony, please consider running for office. It is truly a rewarding experience!


The president is the presiding officer for the chapter. This means that the president is in charge of calling up and conducting regular meetings to obtain ideas and suggestions from the membership. The president must oversee all matters concerning the UTPA chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta and ensure that everything that needs to be done is done. The office of president is the most important, time-consuming, and rewarding officer position.

Vice President

The Vice President shall carry on the the responsibilities of the President should the President be unable to do so. Also, the Vice President must be aware of every aspect of ALD at UTPA in order to be able to help the president with his/her duties.


The secretary's main duty is to take down the minutes at every ALD meeting. This means that the secretary must strive to attend every meeting and always be very organized. The secretary may also handle the correspondence of the chapter.


The treasurer is in charge of handling all of the chapters finances and keeping records of all the money spent by the chapter. The treasurer's main job is budgeting.


The historian is in charge of keeping records of all the activities the chapter engages in during the year. This means the Historian either takes or collects photos of every chapter activity and then presents a scrapbook at the end of the year. The Historian also helps the chapter whenever there are projects that involve making posters, banners, or anything else that involves creativity.


The editor's main responsibility is publicity. The editor's job may include making and/or placing posters or banners around campus. The editor also looks for innovative ways to publicize the various chapter activities around campus.

Web Master

The Web Master's duty is to maintain the chapter website udated and attractive. This is the only office that requires technical knowledge. It is highly recommended that the Web Master be proficient in HTML, CSS, and basic photo and graphics editing (such as knowing how to create something like the banner used at the top of this page).

Junior and Senior Advisor

This positions are only open to students with Junior and Senior standing. It is highly recommended that the Junior and Senior advisors have served as officers for the chapter before. Their duty is to guide the other officers by offering ideas and advice.

For all officers

All the officer's are expected to attend every meeting unless there is an acceptable reason for not attending. Officer's should also have good communication amongst themselves and provide ideas to make the chapter better.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the officers at