Universalist Unitarian Church
Santa Paula, California
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Church Music

Sunday Music
Music is an important part of our tradition. A prelude sets a contemplative tone as the congregation gathers. Sunday services begin with the congregation singing our anthem:
Rejoice in love we know and share,
In law and beauty everywhere;
Rejoice in truth that sets us free,
And in the good that yet shall be.

The congregation sings several other hymns each Sunday from Singing the Living Tradition. Musical accompaniment also enriches other parts of the service such as the meditation. Our music director is Mariana Franco-Sommer.

The Organ Restoration
The church's organ was silent for many years. The ancient workings of the instrument long needed repair and restoration. Over several years, members of the congregation donated to the organ fund bring the organ back to life. In 2001, that fundraising goal was finally met. The organ was restorated by Visscher and Associates and is back in service.

The Grand Piano
The congregation also enjoys a fine piano. Minister Emeritus Marjorie Leaming generously donated her grand piano to the church. The piano was refurbished and dedicated in October 2000.

Wayne Allen and the Choir
In June of 2000, Wayne Allen retired after several dedicated years of service as our church organist. Wayne went far beyond just playing the organ on Sundays. He welcomed any interested voices to join him before church on Sundays to sing. From these musical get-togethers, Wayne built a choral group that performed with distinction for the church and the community. Shortly before his retirement, Wayne and the choir performed a final musical service together. You can download an MP3 file of Simple Gifts from that performance.

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