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Two distinct phases mark the Philippine Revolution. The first began with the Katipunan founded by Andres Bonifacio; the second was the Cavite revolutionary movement composed of the Magdalo and the Magdiwang factions. When the Katipunan was prematurely discovered, Bonifacio was forced to launch the first battle in Pugad Lawin on August 23, 1896. A week later, the Caviteņos attacked in Noveleta and Kawit. Since the revolts were led by Katipuneros, it is not surprising that in the minds of many Filipinos, the two phases had merged so that the Katipunan and the Philippine Revolution are perceived as almost synonymous.

This page is dedicated to the memory of Andres Bonifacio, the "anak dalita" who broke out of the confines of his social class to plant the seeds of political consciousness in his people. Emilio Aguinaldo is not featured in this page, not only because so much has been written on Aguinaldo and not nearly enough on Bonifacio, but also because of my strong antipathy to those responsible for the murder of Bonifacio. Aguinaldo did not pull the trigger, but he did nothing to stop it either.