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This site is for humour of the sea and about the sea, ships and all that sail on them. As the site progresses I hope to have all manner of connections and listings to sites of sea humor, plus much more shown here - something to laugh at at every click of the mouse. Most of all I want to have an opening for all those that wish to place something for all to see and share that brings a smile to the face. All input is welcome for those that have a joke, a cartoon or funny story that they would like others to see.

The Twin Site! By clicking here you will be taken to a sight for anecdotes, stories, interesting cultural shocks, and anything else that requires to be delivered by the written word for all to see of the sea variety. My memoirs "Wrestle with a Vessel" is available with more to come. Again anybody that has memoirs or stories to share please contact me and I will get them up and running!

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