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We are the Veres family in Monroe, Michigan USA.

    We live on the shore of Lake Erie. Actually, six blocks away, but I can hear the speedboats and ski-jets great from here.

    I had a video rental store for a short time and am selling some of the many movies we have left. Before selling, a member of the family watches each tape to check for quality. I add to it as often as possible, so check out Movie Mania13. The prices are low! I have been instructed to empty the garage (see below!).

My husband of 19 years is shown below with his baby, a 1968 Roadrunner. For as long as I've known him that car has been apart. It still is, but now it is here in our driveway instead of his dad's field.

If you want to see a couple more pictures of his baby, I set up a page of them.


We have two wonderful boys (don't all parents have wonderful kids! Like we'd say we have two brats!). Nick is 14, interested in music (loud rap! augh!), computers, his buddies and talking about girls. That is all I have caught in the snippets the door to his room is open. Teenagers like a lot of privacy ( I vaguely remember those days. Of course, that was the 70's, so I figure I am lucky I can remember anything!!!)

    Alex is 11! Isn't eleven a wonderful age. They know absolutely everything. Which comes in handy because parents know absolutely nothing! He also is into music. With him it is more than just listening. He dabbles at the box guitar, plays the sax in the school band and wants an electric guitar for Christmas. Oh, I forgot the harmonica that he got this summer. I figure he'll be a great musician and put his mother up in a big house with maid service and butler. . . . but I digress.

    Besides movies, I have an interest in sewing. I have made a few quilts (unfortunately, I usually forget to take a picture before giving them away) and now have an embroidery machine. I set up a couple of pages for those interested. There is a page of free embroidery designs, also. Just be sure to sew a sample first, as that I am real new.

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