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How to commission a tapestry and frequently asked questions answered:

Investment Value
Tapestries are an investment like oil paintings, and every care is taken to use the best materials available in producing such an art work, to give you years of pleasure. These works can be passed on as heirlooms for generations but are easy to care for.

How to commission a tapestry:
Please e-mail me with the details and send photo or scan and the size of the tapestry which you would like. I will write and give you a free quote. (Scroll below to: How much does a tapestry cost?) You can also come to my studio to discuss further details or phone 08 83553 851.
Prestige and company/club/organisation - statements
In an office, entrance and meeting halls, dining and board rooms, a tapestry will emphasize the prestige of the company, organization or club.
Also a tapestry can draw attention to a message the company/club/organisation wants to convey to people walking into the Foyer, Reception, Board room, and other rooms of importance.
A tapestry tends to focus people's attention and will occupy the viewer with details and/or colors, and create a special atmosphere in any room.
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How much does a tapestry cost?
The price varies between $1300.- AUD
to $3200.- AUD for a square meter (3' x3')
of tapestry.
The price of the yarns used, the intricacy of the design and correspondingly, the amount of time it takes to weave the tapestry, are all variables which affect the price.
If you wish to know the price for a particular size and design, please
click here write the details to me
and get a free quote.
or ring 08 83553 851 for an appointment.
What is a commission?
Commissions are a contract between the customer and the artist. The artist undertakes to produce a specific work according to the agreement which was made. It is very important to work out all details before settling on a commission so that both parties are happy with every aspect of the contract.

Commissions, for Corporations and Organizations who make decisions through a committee:
In this case a "Standard Artist Contract" is used which addresses all legal aspects of such a contract. A hand painted design to scale can also be added to the contract to ensure that all committee members are able to have a look at the design. The charge for this extra service is added to the price of the tapestry.


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