Industrial Projects

The management of Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith inaugurated "Vivekananda Institute of Algal Technology (VIAT)" - an institute dedicated to research and development of algae based technologies on 17th April 2006. .VIAT is specializing in Algae based Research & Consultancy Activities relating to Industrial Effluents Treatment, Municipal Sewage Treatment, Waste water Treatment, Algal Biomass Utilization and CO2 & NOx Mitigation by its Phycoremediation Techniques.

R&D Objective:
1. to conduct basic and applied research in the field of Algal Technology
2. to impart scientific knowledge in the field of Algal Ecology & Physiology and Algal Biotechnology to Researchers
3. to carry on basic and applied research relating to Industrial Effluents Treatment, Municipal Sewage Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, utilization of algal biomass and CO2 & NOx Mitigation.
4. to carry forward the findings of applied research to the benefit of the community

Chemfab Alkalis Ltd. Pondicherry:
The factory uses ground water during processing at various stages to extract useful chemicals from crude sea salt. The effluent water that is discharged has a very high salinity and TDS. Unit of Algal Physiology and Biotechnology carried out research work on treatment of waste water employing various species of microalgae including a few freshwater as well as marine forms to remove nutrients and bring down TDS. Successful results were obtained with immobilized cells of micro- algae. Work is underway to extend this technique to field conditions.

SNAP Alginates and natural products Ranipet:
The factory maintains a number of shallow evaporation ponds to manage the effluent. The micro algae that grow in the effluent reduce the TDS and increase the pH. Unit of algal physiology and biotechnology visited the industry and isolated a few algal species which are tolerant to heavy salt conditions. The group is also standardizing techniques to extract phycoerythrin pigment from the effluent which is a very valuable product in the international market. It is used as a natural dye and for production of anticancer drugs.
The group is also working on the nitrogen fixing ability of the algae growing in the effluent to investigate the possibility of utilizing the effluent to produce biofertilizers
Orchid Pharmaceuticals and chemicals Alathur:
The group visited the effluent treatment facility of the industry and started working on the possibility of employing algae for remediation.
Another important breakthrough the group has made is in control of biofouling in the cooling towers of Orchid Pharmaceuticals using herbal extracts. The field trial was successful and regular supply of herbal product has been commenced. The group is in the process of patenting this herbal technique for control of biofouling.

Ultramarine and Pigments Ltd Ranipet: This industry produces detergents and pigments. An MOU to treat the effluent has been signed.

Project details:
1. Reduction of TDS in Blue and Scrub effluents.
2. Reduction of Sodium sulphite in detergent.
3. Control of bio-fouling in cooling towers.
4. Removal of heavy metals in the process. After successful lab studies field studies are on using selected micro algae

Stahl India Chemicals

Stahl is one of the world’s leading suppliers of leather processing products and also has strong positions in other selected market niche areas with proprietary products such as Permuthane®. Unit of Algal Physiology & Biotechnology has signed an MOU with STAHL INDIA chemicals to treat the effluent using mico algal technology. Laboratory level and pilot scale studies are complete.( MORE)

M/S Nichi-In Biosciences (P) Ltd: VIAT has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chennai based Indo-Japan joint venture company M/S Nichi-In Biosciences (P) Ltd., for a multifaceted research project with emphasis on microbial biotechnology and environment safety to (i) develop technology for environment friendly plastic materials, (ii) find ways to safely dispose the plastic materials using microbes and to (iii) develop and validate polymers useful for water conservation in agriculture and horticulture. This agreement would enable them collaborate on a long term basis on the above areas, initially signed for a year and further renewable thereafter. (more)

Perfetti van melle India: Algal technology for pH correction and sludge reduction of effluent has been developed and based on successful pilot studies scaling up is being done..(more)

SVIS LABS Pvt LTD: Pharmaceutical company situated in Ranipet, TamilNadu. Micro algal technology has been developed for effective pH correction of the highly acidic effluent generated by this industry. Scaling up is in progress.

WHEELS INDIA: Wheels India is promoted by the TVS Group and was started in the early 60's to manufacture automobile wheels. Today, Wheels India has grown as a leading manufacturer of steel wheels for passenger cars, utility vehicles, trucks, buses, agricultural tractors and construction equipment in India. The company supplies 2/3rd of the domestic market requirement and exports 18% of the turnover to North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and South Africa. Pilot scale studies on the remediation of effluent generated by this electroplating industry using micro algae are complete.

SUNTEX PROCESSING MILLS, Chennai: After successful laboratory investigations pilot scale studies are on to effectively treat dyeing industry effluent using micro algal technology. Dye removal and pH correction along with complete reduction of sludge formation are the highlights of this research project. Click here to learn more about dyes and degradation

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