They came by ship in 1841 - Westminster, William, William Abrams, William Hughes, William Metcalfe, William Mitchell, Vesper, York
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Came to Port Phillip in 1841
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They came by ship - British Immigrants who arrived 1841


arrived 30 Jul 1841, barque 650 tons Captain Forbes Mitchie master, from London and Plymouth 17 April 1841 to Melbourne surgeon Superintendedt John Dickson. Very detailed Recapitulation
Passengers Mr and Mrs Woolley, Mr and Mrs Walsh, Miss Atcheson, Rev Mr Sproat, Mr and Mrs Barratt and 2 chn, Mr and Mrs Dixon, 3 in Intermediate and 257 steerage passengers

Arrived 30 July from Plymouth with 38 families with 113 souls, 70 males and 63 females. Total 246 bounty souls. Bounty reduced by 168 pounds for 7 males in excess of number of females. Assisted British emigrants to Victoria through the agency of John Marshall for Messrs Enscoe and James, of Port Phillip.
Surgeon John Dickson, Master Forbes Michie and 1st Mate William Dale
Deaths Caroline Stockdale 22 on 16 May, Charles Criddle 24 on 11 July, infants Briely (should be Bailey) 18m, Short 6m, Hale 12m and illegible lived 2 days.
Passengers included Mary Ann Miles, Catherine Ford, Hugh Donall/Donnelly and his wife Ann, with their six month old son Thomas. Also on board the vessel was Donnelly's sister-in-law Ann Fox, formerly Donnelly, nee McDonald, and her husband Hugh Fox, along with Ann Fox's four Donnelly children by her prior marriage to Patrick Donnelly.

BarqueTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
Westminster 27131951162037362417392441127062

See my Westminster notes for a passenger list etc


barque 277 tons, Le Bair master, from Guernsy via Adelaide 25th Inst, arrived Port Phillip 28 Aug. Passengers Mr and Mrs Langhorne, Mrs Adams and child, Messrs Brewster, C Langhorne, Moulin, Ozanne, and August, 16 in steerage, 8 prisoners and 2 constables.
18 Sep 1841 cleared from Melbourne for Sydney
Arrived 28 Sep at Sydney from Port Phillip 16 Sep with sundries, passengers Mr Maolin and 7 in the steerage, 2 constables and 5 convicts

William Abrams

arrived 26 Jul 1841, ship 706 tons, Captain James Hamlin master, from Greenock 29 March 1841 to Melbourne Agents Mr Gilchrist and Alexander
John Stewart Surgeon Supt.
Passengers Cabin - Messrs John Hunter, Andrew Caldwell, Buchanan, John D Collier, William D Collier, SD Homer, Liddell, Charles Wylde,
7 in Intermediate - Alexander Campbell, John Wood Beilby, James and Robert Stevenson, John McPherson, Andrew Reid Arnott, Robert Innes
Steerage - William and Mrs Kipper, David and Sarah Munro with Janet, Margaret, Sarah and Elizabeth
Not in these lists - Isabella Wardlow, Jane and William Robstill, Andrew Caldwell, John Hunter, Matthew Mulawl
Steerage and Immigrants mostly labourers for Messrs Watson & Hunter, 38 families with 122 souls, 24 males and 25 females, total of 171
Births 4 all females, Bush on 22 June, Cook on 7 July, Dau of David Donaldson 13 July and Baylee 18 July.
Deaths 3 children and 3 adults, Ellen Hunter 18 months on 2 Apr, Mary Weston aged 3 on 9 Apr, George Innes 6 months on 1 June, Peter Nairn 26 of fever on 7 May, Mrs Ward 36 of Phrisitis on 1 May and Mrs Weston 35 of Bronchitis on 16 May, and 2 others, dates unknown, Mr David Munro and Mrs Meston
Officers - Surgeon John Steward, Master James Hamlin, 1st Mate KE Moss, 2nd Mate James Russell, 3rd Mate Archibalds Brown

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
William Abrams 20752654192038372424471711222425

See my William Abrams notes for a passenger list etc

William Hughes

See Local Coastal shipping for the William Hughes

William Metcalfe

arrived 27 Aug 1841 ship 447 tons Captain Edward Philipson master, from London via Cork 21 May 1841 to Port Phillip. Agent JB Were
Paid own passage but not listed - 24 gentlemen, 4 ladies and 18 children, names unknown, Two in Steerage appear to be Tempest Fitzpatrick 29 and Eugene Oconnel 27.
Newspaper lists Messrs Young, Mr Ross, Messrs R and G Ross, Good, Tucknell, Pike, Kingston, Wills, F and H Goddard, Mr and Mrs Stranay, Mrs and Miss Tracy,
230 Bounty emigrants under the superintendence of Dr Allan - 32 families with 93 souls, 51 males and 65 females,
Deaths 2 adult women, Walter Joyce aged 5 and 8 infants including Charles Watson 2y, Benjamin Watson 18m. Births 1 male, 3 female.
Surnames of children who died - Crosdale, Fleming, Gorman, Joyce, Powel, Ryan (mother and infant) suggest six families otherwise unknown paying passenger families. William Allan Superintendant-Surgeon, Edward McPherson Master, James Mansfield 1st Mate, John Mills 2nd Mate, Casper Halubert 3rd Mate

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
William Metcalfe 235518241715323224931210935265

See my William Metcalfe notes for a passenger list etc

William Mitchell

arrived 17 Dec 1841 barque 338 tons, master Francis Harvey from Leith 22 July 1841 via Rio de Janiero, to Port Phillip with a general cargo of merchandise.
Passengers 45 cabin, intermediate and steerage - listed Tuesday, December 21, 1841 The Port Phillip Herald - Cabin Major William Firebrace, wife and chn, Robert, Edward, John, Mary, Catherine and Elizabeth Firebrace, Mr and Mrs Henry, Mr Line (from Rio). Intermediate Mr and Mrs Donaldson and John and James Donaldson, Mr John Winter, Margaret, John and James Winter, Mr John Dickon, Johanna, Grace, John, Elizabeth and Peter Dickon, Miss Strachan
Six steerage and 13 Bounty emigrants with William McKenzie Surgeon Superintendant

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
William Mitchell 204000112210116547

See my William Mitchell notes for a passenger list etc


arrived 6 Feb 1841 ship 1015 tons, Captain Legg master, from England 9 Oct 1840 to Port Phillip
24 Feb Arrived PP the ship York, 1015 tons, Legg, from London via Plymouth Pass - Dr Charles Nathan, Mr and Mrs Dendy and son, Mr and Mrs Watson and family, Mr and Mrs Pritchard, Mr and Mrs Nathan and dau, Capt Poole and son, Mrs Henderson, Mrs Hoole, Messrs Baily, Jeffries, Wight, Hoole, Arthur, Goden, Addison, Wilson, Dunsford, Duncan and Vernor; 20 intermediate and 34 in steerage
Bounty passengers all Protestants from Gloucestershire, are James a Sawyer and Hannah Derrett both 30, John Dickenson aged 39 a Labourer, and Maria Dickenson aged 36 a Dressmaker and chn George 13, Peter 11 and Ellen 8, John Peglar 39, painter and Glazier, both.

ShipTotalStaffOtherDiedBorn CouplesWith chnHusWivesSons DausChnBountyFamiliesUn malUn fem
York 121000112221311722

See my York notes for a passenger list etc

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