Fanning the Flames
A Complete Sexual Science and A Guide to Purity and Physical Manhood
What young lady would ever worry about the improprieties of her intended when the Search Light on Health, Light on Dark Corners; offered this valuable information to young lovers.

It not only warned of the dangers of premarital sex, but gave sage advice on quelling lust in a young man, while reminding young women of their
wifely duties once they were hitched. WAS science.
"So this will purify my complexion, AND make me live longer?"
Guide to Purity
KISSING, FONDLING AND CARESSING -  between lovers (no sexual connotation) - this should never be tolerated under any circumstances, unless there is an engagement to justify it, and then only in a sensible and limited way. The girl who allows a young man the privileges of kissing her or putting his arms around her waist before engagement will at once fall in the estimation of the man she has gratified and desired to please. 

THE TRUE TEST OF VIRGINITY - is modesty void of any disagreeable familiarity. A sincere Christian faith is one of the best recommendations.  

WANT OF DESIRE - may prevail and may be caused by lack of sleep, study, constant thought, mental disturbances, anxiety or the excessive use of tobacco or strong drinks. Get the mind and the physical constitution in proper condition and most of these difficulties will disappear. Ladies should doctor themselves instead of running to their physicians. First, inquire as to what sexual laws have been broken, then by proper restrictions, diet and exercise; cure themselves. (This may have referred to either venereal disease or pregnancy)

A GOOD LONG COURTSHIP -  will often cure many difficulties or ills of the sexual organs.  Up and at it, dress up, spruce up, and be on the alert. Don't wait too long to get one more perfect than you are, but settle on someone soon. Remember that your unsexed state renders you over-dainty, and easily disgusted. So contemplate their lovable qualities. (In other words if you can't control your lust, marry...and quick! )

Boys who marry young derive but little enjoyment from the connubial state. They are liable to excesses and thereby
lose much or the virility and power of strength and physical endurance. (A bit contra to the advice above, but try telling that to a randy teenager).
STATISTICS SHOW - that married men live longer than bachelors. Child-bearing for women is conducive to longevity.  Marriage purifies the complexion, removes blotches from the skin, invigorates the body." (I love this one)

A YOUNG COUPLE RUSHING TOGETHER -  in their animal passion soon produce a nervous and irritating condition. Young husbands should wait for an invitation to the banquet and they will be amply repaid by the very pleasure sought. Invitation or permission delights, and possession by force degrades. The true principles are as follows: 'Bride you owe reciprocity to your husband. Your marriage vows consist in covenanting to cohabit with him to the best of your ability. Fulfil it. He is entitled to your hearty participancy. (The double entendre of "banquet" was no doubt a popular term and the object of many off-colour jokes, but the message for the woman is clear. She must perform her wifely duties).  
MARRYING SMALL WAISTS - is attended with consequences scarely less disastrous than marrying rich and fashionable girls. Small waist indicate small and feeble vital organs, a delicate constitution, sickly offspring, and a short life. Beware of them, therefore, unless you wish your heart broken by the early death of your wife and children.

CAN THE SEXES BE PRODUCED AT WILL? Queen bees lay female eggs first, and male afterwards. So with hens. (What exactly were they asking a girl to do? Perhaps she was to "cleanse" herself after every other sexual encounter, so that she could establish her child's sex. If she wanted a boy, she administered herself after the first act to facilitate the "male afterwards" effect, and vice versa if she wanted a girl.  Birth control was not unheard of in Victorian times, though it's promotion was probably to engineer a child's sex and not necessarliy to prevent having children at all. The most popular contraceptive for ladies was "Orange Blossom"; a female suppository made from a mixture of zinc, cocoa butter, henbane and sweet almond oil. I guess she had a 50-50 chance of success).

FOOD AND DRINK - Coffee drank excessively causes debilitating effect upon the sexual organs. Tobacco: those who suffer any weakness from that source should carefully avoid the weed in all it's forms. The papers are full of advertisements of 'LOST MANHOOD RESTORED', etc., but in every case they are worthless or dangerous drugs and certain to lead to some painful malady or death. Eating rye, corn, graham bread, oatmeal, cracked wheat, plenty of fruit, etc. is a splendid medicine. If that is not sufficient than a physician should be consulted.

DRUGS WHICH MODERATE DESIRE - Among one of the most common domestic remedies is camphor. The safest drug among the domestic remedies is a strong tea made out of hops. Saltpeter, or nitrate of potash, taken in moderate quantities are very good remedies.
Sexual Proprieties and Improprieties
TO HAVE OFFSPRING -  is not to be regarded as a luxury, but as a great primary necessity of health and happiness, of which every fully-developed man and woman should have a fair share, while it cannot be denied that the ignorance of the necessity of sexual intercourse to the health and virtue of both man and woman is the most fundamental error in medical and moral philosophy.

IS A STATE OF PURE NATURE - , where man would have his sexual instincts under full and natural restraint, there would be little, if any, licentiosness, and children would be the result of natural desire, and not the accidents of lust.

UNNATURAL PASSIONS -  unnatural passions are cultivated and indulged. Young people in the course of their engagement often sow the seed of serious excesses. This habit of embracing, sitting in the lover's lap, leaning on his breast, long and uninterrupted periods of secluded companionship, have become so common that it is amazing how a young lady can safely arrive at the wedding day.  While this conduct may safely terminate with the wedding day, yet it cultivates the tendency which often results in excessive indulgencies after the honey-moon is over.
IT IS BETTER - for people not to marry until they are of proper age. It is a physiological fact that men seldom reach the full maturity of their virile power before the age of twenty-five, and the female rarely attains the full vigor of her sexual powers before the age of twenty.
SENSUALITY - -Sensuality is not love, but an unbridled desire which kills the soul. Sensuality will drive away the roses in the cheeks of womanhood, undermine health and produce a brazen countenance that can be read by all men.  The harlot may commit her sins in the dark, but her countenance reveals her character and her immorality is an open secret.
Amativeness or Connubial Love
MULTIPLYING THE RACE - Some means for multiplying our race is necessary to prevent it's extinction by death.  Propegation and death appertain to man's earthly existence.  If the Diety had seen fit to bring every member of the family into being by a direct act of creative power, without the agency of parents, the present wise and benevolent arrangements of husbands and wives, parents and children, friends and neighbours, would have been superseded and all opportunities for exercising parental and connubial love, in which so much enjoyment is taken, cut off.  But the domestic feelings and relations, as now arranged, must strike every phylosophical observer as inimitably beautiful and perfect - as the offspring of infinite Wisdom and Goodness combined.
Light on Dark Corners call this one 'Celibacy'
AMATIVENESS AND IT'S COMBINATIONS - Constitute their origin, counterpart, and main medium of manifestation.  It's primary function is connubial love.  From it, mainly, spring those feelings which exist between the sexes as such and, result in marriage and offspring.  Combined with the higer sentiments, it gives rise to all those reciprocal kind feelings and nameless courtesies which each sex manifests toward the other; refining and elevating both, promoting gentility and politeness, and greatly increasing social and general happiness.

RENDERS MEN MORE POLITE TO WOMEN - So far from being in the least gross or indelicate, it's proper exercise is pure, chaste, virtous, and even an ingredient in good manners.  It is this which renders men always more polite toward women than to one another, and more refined in their society, and which makes women more kind, grateful, genteel and tender toward men than women.  It makes mothers love their sons more than their daughters, and fathers more attached to their daughters.  (hmmm...?)

ALL SHOULD CULTIVATE THE FACULTY OF AMATIVENESS AND CONNUBIAL LOVE Study the personal charms and mental accomplishments of the other sex by ardent admirers of beautiful forms, and study graceful movements and elegant manners, and remember, much depends upon the tones and accents of the voice.  Never be gruff if you desire to be winning.  Seek and enjoy and reciprocate fond looks and feelings.  Before you can create favourable impressions you must first be honest and sincere and natural, and your conquest will be sure and certain.
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