The Blending of Young Hearts
Love and Romance
All Love is Sweet,
Given or returned;
Common as Light is Love,
And it's familiar voice wearies not ever.
Love and romance are as old as life itself; necessary for the continuation of the human race.  Light on Dark Corners had this to say about Love.

LOVE BLENDS YOUNG HEARTS - Love blends young hearts in blissful unity, and, for the time, so ignores past ties and affections, as to make willing separation of the son from his father's house, and the daughter from all her sweet endearments of her childhood's home, to go out together and rear for themselves an altar, around which shall cluster all the cares and delights, the anxieties and sympathies, of the family relationship; this love, if pure, unselfish, and discreet, constitutes the chief usefulness and happiness of human life.

WITHOUT LOVE - Without love there would be no
organized household, and, consequently none of that ernest endevour for competance and and respectability, which is the mainspring to human effort; none of those sweet, softening, restraining and elevating influences of domestic life, which can almost fill the earth with the glory of the Lord.  This love is indeed heaven upon earth; but above would not be heaven without it; where there is love there is fear; but love "casteth out fear".  Yet we naturally do offend what we most love.

LOVE IS THE SUN OF LIFE - Most beautiful in morning and evening, but warmest and steadiest at noon.  It is the sun of the soul.  Life without love is worth than death; a world without a sun.

LOVE IS DEPENDANT - Remember that love is dependant upon forms, coutesy of
etiquette guards and protects courtesy of heart.  How many hearts have been lost irrevocably, and how many averted eyes and cold looks have been gained, from what seemed, perhaps, but a trifling negligence of forms.

RADICAL DIFFERENCES - Men and women should not be judged by the same rules.  There are many radical differences in their affectional natures.  Man is the creature of interest and ambition.  His nature leads him forth into the struggle and bustle of the world.  Love is but the embellishment of his early life, or a song piped in the intervals of the acts.  But
a woman's whole life is the history of the affections.  The heart is her world, and it is there where ambition seeks for hidden treasures. 

WOMAN'S LOVE - Woman's love is stronger than death; it rises superior to adversity and towers to supreme beauty above the 'niggardly' selfishness of the world.

A LADY'S COMPLEXION - He who loves a
ladies' complexion, form and features, loves not her true self but her soul's old clothes.

two souls come together, each seeking to magnify the other, each in subordiante sense worshipping the other; each help the other; the two flying together so that each wing-beat of the one helps each wing-beat of the other - when two souls come together thus, they are lovers.
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