Birth Name: Les Claypool
September 29, 1963

6 Strings
Carl Thompson 6 String (Fretless)
Carl Thompson 6 String (Fretted)
Tune 6 String (Fretless)

4 Strings
Fender 1965 4 string Jazz Bass (Fretted)
Fender 1969 4 string Jazz Bass (Fretted)
Eko Beatle Bass (aka Eko Fiddle Bass)
Carl Thompson 4 String (Fretted) - Retired
The "NEW" Carl Thompson 4 String (Fretted)
Carl Thompson 4 String (Fretted)
Rickenbacker 4001
Dan Maloney Custom 4 String
Dan Maloney 4 String Bass Banjo (Fretted)

Dan Maloney 4 String Electric Upright
Ned Steinberger 5 String Upright Bass
Kay Acoustic Upright (Pawn Shop Bass)

Studio Rig:

ADA MP-2 guitar preamp 
Meyers EQ
Alesis Micro Limiter
MXR Phase Shifter
Larry Lalonde’s vintage Mu-Tron
Access Virus analog synth triggered with a set of MIDI pedals
Lexicon MPX G2 multi-effect served as both preamp and delay
Systech Harmonic Energizer
Alesis ADAT Recorder (4)

Live Rig:
Gallian Krueger MB450E 1x12 Combo Amp
ADA MP-2 Guitar MIDI Pre-amp (Modified by ADA's Todd Langer)
Digital Music MIDI Ground Control Footpedal
Mesa/Boogie Bass 400 Plus Power Amp
Ampeg SVT-III head
2 Mesa/Boogie "Powerhouse" Cabinet 1000 (4x10 + 1x15)
2  Mesa/Boogie 2x15 cabinets

Furman PL Plus Power Conditioner and Light Module
Samson UR-5D "Dual VHF Synthesized Diversity Wireless Receiver"
BOSS TU12 Tuner
Whirlwind A/B Box

Les prefers the sound of Light Gauge strings and has been known to use two A strings and two G strings tuned to E-A-D-G

Note on Les Claypool:
Primus was formed in 1984 and has had several different drummers and guitarists throughout the band's history. Les has worked on side projects including Oysterhead and Frog Brigade. He also started his own record label named Prawn Song.

Oysterhead was formed when a New Orleans-based promoter asked Les to put together a group for a special one-time only concert. Les contacted Trey Anastasio, with whom he had been interested in collaborating with since first sitting in with Phish in 1994. Stewart Copeland, who produced a track on Anti-Pop and a member of The Police, was also asked to join the group. The trio made a surprise appearance during a Primus concert on February 21 before the show on May 4th at the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans. The event was part of the SuperJam series and coincides with, but is not a part of, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

Les announced the "temporary" dissolution of Primus in October 2000. The reasons given was that Bryan "Brain" Mantia, who replaced drummer Tim Alexander in 1996, had left Primus. Brain indicated that he did not enjoy the incessant touring of Primus and it is suspected that Brain left to play with Guns N' Roses. As a replacement Les indicated that Primus, when reformed, would include a reunion with popular drummer Tim 'Herb' Alexander. While this seemed like a dream to the Primus fans guitarist Larry LaLonde, was still "less than excited" about the idea. As such Primus, it seems, had lost its guitarist now also.

Les is now working on his band Frog Brigade, which has a few live ablums. He is also working on a project with Danny Carey (Tool) and Adrian Belew (King Crimson) for the upcoming Belew solo project.

Brutal Bass Songs:
1) Jerry Was A Racecar Driver, Sailing The Seas of Cheese
2) Wynona's Big Brown Beaver, Tales From The Punchbowl
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