List of Albums on the Motown Label Part 2
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911Bonnie PointerBonnie Pointer10.1978
912CommodoresGreatest Hits10.1978
913T. Boy RossChanges2.1979
914The 5th DimensionHigh On Sunshine1.1979
915Billy Preston & SyreetaMusic From The Motion Picture Fast Break3.1979
916Finished TouchFinished TouchNR
918Platinum HookIt's Time31979
919Cuba GoodingLove Dancer4.1979
920Scherrie & SusayePartners10.1979
921VariousPops We Love You ... The Album4.1979
922Patrick GammonDon't Touch Me5.1979
923Diana RossThe Boss5.1979
924Dr StrutDr Strut5.1979
925Billy PrestonLate At Night7.1979
926CommodoresMidnight Magic7.1979
927Mary WilsonMary Wilson8.1979
928Jermaine JacksonLet's Get Serious3.198
929Bonnie PointerBonnie Pointer11.1979
930Cook CountyPinball Playboy (Playboy Theme)11.1979
931Dr StrutStruttin'2.1980
932FlightExcursion Beyond2.1980
933Grover Washington JrSkylarkin'2.1980
934The PlanetsThe Planets2.1980
936Diana RossDiana5.1980
937Various20/20- Twenty No. 1 Hits From Twenty Years At Motown3.1980
938OzoneWalk On4.1980
940Grover Washington JrBaddest8.1980
941Billy PrestonThe Way I Am2.1981
942Black RussianBlack Russian5.1980
943Platinum HookEcstasy ParadiseNR
944Michal UrbaniakSerenade For The City8.1980
945Ahmad JamalNight Song10.1980
946The Dazz BandInvitation To Love10.1980
947VariousIt's My Turn (f/s.)10.1980
948Jermaine JacksonJermaine11.1980
949VariousLoving Couples (f/s.)11.1980
950OzoneJump On It1.1981
951Diana RossTo Love Again2.1981
952Jermaine JacksonI Like Your Style8.1981
953Jose FelicianoJosd Feliciano10.1981
955CommodoresIn The Pocket6.1981
956Michae]JacksonOne Day In Your Life3.1981
957Dazz BandLet The Music Play5.1981
958Billy Preston & SyreetaBilly Preston & Syreeta7.1981
960Diana RossAll The Great Hits10.1981
961Grover Washington JrAnthology9.1981
962OzoneSend It9.1981
6000MBettye LavetteTell Me A Lie1.1982
6001TSmokey RobinsonYes, It's You Lady1.1982
6002TStevie WonderStevie Wonder's Original Musiquarium5.1982
6003GNolen & CrossleyAmbience2.1982
6004MDazz BandKeep It Live2.1982
6005GRick JamesThrowin'Down5.1982
6006GHigh lnergySo Right4.1982
6007MLionel RichieLionel Richie (CD: 2.1984)9.1982
6008GThe TemptationsReunion4.1982
6009MCharleneI've Never Been To Me3.1982
6010MJean CamTrust Me5.1982
6011 MOzoneLi'l Suzy7.1982
6012GDeBargeAll This Love7.1982
6013MLawanda PageWatch It SuckerNR
6014MRegal Funkharmonic OrchestraStrung Out On Motown7.1982
6015TGene Van BurenWhat's Your Pleasure12.1982
6017MJermaine JacksonLet Me Tickle Your Fancy7.1982
6018LJose FelicianoEscenas De Amor (Love Scenes)7.1982
6019MO.C. SmithLove Changes5.1982
6020MBilly PrestonPressin'on8.1982
6021LPedro MonteroAmor Secreto8.1982
6022MBobby NunnSecond To Nunn8.1982
6023GBobby MiliteltoBlow - Rick James Presents10.1982
6024MCharieneThe Sky Is The Limit12.1982
6026MBill CosbyHimself (CD: 5.1986)11.1982
6027MCharleneUsed To Be10.1982
6028MCommodoresAll The Great Hits11.1982
6029GMonalisa YoungKnife11.1983
6030TSmokey RobinsonTouch The Sky1.1983
6031 MDazz BandOn The One1.1983
6032GThe TemptationsSurface Thrills2.1983
6033MStephanie MillsLove Has Lifted Me11.1982
6034MThelma HoustonReachin'All Around11.1982
6035MJose FelicianoRomance In The Night3.1983
6036MFinis HendersonFinis4.1983
6038MKagny & the Dirty RatsKagny And The Dirty Rats3.1983
6039TSyreetaThe Spell4.1983
604OGMary Jane GirlsMary Jane Girls4.1983
6041GHigh lnergyGroove Patrol4.1983
6042GStone City BandOut Of The Shadows: Meet The Stone City Band7.1983
6043GRick JamesCold Blooded8.1983
6045MMichael LovesmithCan Make It Happen6.1983
6046CWolf & WolfWolf And Wolf5.1984
6047TStevie WonderPeople Move, Human PlaysNR
6048MVariousThe Motown Story (box set)5.1983
6049MDiana RossAnthology5.1983
6050TSmokey RobinsonUntitiedNR
6051MBobby NunnPrivate Party9.1983
6052MRockwellSomebody's Watching Me1.1984
6053MJunior WalkerBlow The House Down8.1983
6055LJose FelicianoMe EnamoreNR
6056CKidd GloveKiller Instinct2.1984
6057GDennis EdwardsDon't Look Any Further1.1984
6058MMarvin GayeEvery Great Motown Hit: 15 Spectacular Performances9.1983
6059MLionel RichieCan't Slow Down (CD: 2.1984)10.1983
606OCJakataLight The Night8.1984
6061GDeBargein A Special Way9.1983
6062MVariousThe Big Chill9.1983
6063CThe Coyote SistersThe Coyote Sisters7.1984
6064TSmokey RobinsonBlame It On Love And All The Great Hits8.1983
6065CVariousGet Crazy (f/s.)8.1983
6066MFour TopsBack Where I Belong10.1983
6067CTiggi ClayTiggi Clay1.1984
6068MCommodoresCompact Command Performances: 14 Greatest Hits2.1984
6069TMarvin GayeCompact Command Performances: 15 Greatest Hits2.1984
6070MMichael Jackson& Jackson 5Compact Command Performances: 18 Greatest Hits2.1984
6071TSmokey Robinson & the MiraclesCompact Command Performances: 18 Greatest Hits2.1984
6072MDiana RossCompact Command Performances: 14 Greatest Hits2.1984
6073MDiana Ross & the SupremesCompact Command Performances: 20 Greatest Hits2.1984
6074MCommodoresMachine Gun9.1983
6075MFour TopsFour Tops9.1983
Reach Out
6076MMarvin GayeLive!9.1983
Let's Get It On
6077MMichael JacksonGot To Be There9.1983
6078MRick JamesCome Get It9.1983
Fire It Up
6079MThe TemptationsMeet The Temptations9.1983
6080MGrover Washington JrMister Magic9.1983
Feels So Good
6081MStevie WonderSigned Seated Delivered9.1983
My Cherie Amour
6082MDiana RossTouch Me In The Morning9.1983
Live! At Caesar's Palace
6083MMarvin Gaye & Tammi TerrellYou're All I Need9.1983
6084MDazz BandJoystick11.1983
6085GThe TemptationsBack To Basics10.1983
6086MVariousChristine (f/s.)11.1983
6087GTeena MarieYou Got The LoveNR
6088MBobby KingLove In The Fire3.1984
6089TGene Van BurenLove Never DiesNR
6090MCharieneHit And Run Lover7.1984
6091MVariousMaking Trax.. The Great lnstrumentals3.1984
6092GMary Jane GirlsOnly Four You (CD. 9.1985)2.1985
6093MMichael LovesmithDiamond In The Raw4.1984
6094MVariousMore Songs From The Original Soundtrack: 'The Big Chill'4.1984
6095GRick JamesReflections Of Rick James (CD: 9.1984)8.1984
6097CDuke JupiterWhite Knuckle Ride4.1984
6098TSmokey RobinsonEssar5.1984
6099MMichael Jackson & Jackson 514 Greatest Hits (pic. disc)5.1984
6100MMichael Jackson & Jackson 516 Greatest Hits5.1984
6101MMichae]JacksonFarewell My Summer Love5.1984
6102MVanityWild Animal8.1984
6103MSam HarrisSam Harris (CD: 2.1985)8.1984
6104MKagnyMind ControlNR
6105MDiana RossAll The Great Love Songs9.1984
6106MFour TopsCompact Command Performances (19 Greatest Hits)9.1984
6107MCommodoresAll The Great Love Songs9.1984
6108MStevie WonderWoman In Red (f/s., album) (CD: 12.1984)8.1984
6109MGladys Knight & the PipsCompact Command Performances: 17 Greatest Hits9.1984
6110MVariousMotown Grammy R&B Performances Of The 1960s And 1970s9.1984
6111MA GreenCompact Command Performances: 14 Greatest Hits8.1984
6112MPhyllis St. JamesAin't No Tumin'Back8.1984
6113TStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium VoL 1 and VoL 21.1985
6115TStevie WonderSongs In The Key Of Life Vol. 1 and Vol. 212.1984
6117MDazz BandJukebox9.1984
6118MBobby NunnFreshNR
6119GThe TemptationsTruly For You10.1984
6120MVariousThe Bill Chill11.1984
6121MThomas McCiaryThomas McCIary11.1984
6123GDeBargeRhythm Of The Night (CD: 4.1985)2.1985
6124MCommodoresNightshift (CD: 4.1985)1.1985
6125GThe TemptationsCompact Command Performances: 17 Greatest Hits3.1985
6126MGrover Washington JrAt His Best3.1985
6127TStevie WonderStevie Wonder's Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants3.1985
6128MVariousBerry Gordy's 'The Last Dragon'(fls.)2.1985
6131MVariousThe Flamingo Kid (f/s.)1.1985
6132MVarious25# 1 Hits From Twenty- Five Years4.1985
6133MDiana RossLady Sings The Blues (f/s.)4.1985
6134TStevie WonderIn Square Circle (CD: 10.1985)9.1985
6135GRick JamesGlow4.1985
6136MThe EmotionsIf I Only Knew3.1985
6137MVarious20 Greatest Songs In Motown History8.1985
6138MVariousThe Composer Series - The Greatest Songs Written By Holland-Dozier-Holiand9.1985
6139MVariousThe Composer Series - The Greatest Songs Written By Smokey Robinson8.1985
6140MVariousThe Composer Series - 7he Greatest Songs Written By Ashford & Simpson8.1985
6141 MMaureen SteeleNature Of The Beast4.1985
6142MWillie HutchMaking A Game Out Of Love6.1985
6143MLional Richie: The Composer Various ArtistsGreat Love Songs With The Commodores And Diana Ross8.1985
6144TStevie WonderLove Songs - 20 Classic Hits8.1985
6145MMichael LovesmithRhymes Of Passion6.1985
6156MAlfieThat Look1.1986
6147GVal YoungSeduction7.1985
6148GDennis EdwardsCoolin'Out6.1985
6149MDazz BandHot Spot7.1985
6150MLushus Daim & the Pretty VainMore Than You Can Handle9.1985
6151TStevie WonderTalking Book11.1985
6152TStevie WonderInnervisions11.1985
6153TMarvin GayeMarvin Gaye & His Women - Classic Duets10.1985
6154MNick JamesonA Crowd Of OneNR
6155MKoko-PopSecrets Of Lonely Boys8.1985
6156TSmokey RobinsonSmoke Signals (CD: 3.1986)1.1986
6157MPalTruth For The MomentNR
6158MLionel RichieDancing On The Ceiling (CD: 8.1986)8.1986
6159VariousGood Feeling Music of The Big Chill Generation Vol. 112.1985
6160VariousGood Feeling Music of The Big Chill Generation Vol. 212.1985
6161VariousGood Feeling Music of The Big Chill Generation Vol. 312.1985
6162MDuke JupiterThe Line Of Your Fire9.1985
6163MWarp 9Fade In, Fade Out1.1986
6164GThe TemptationsTouch Me11.198.5
6165MSam HarrisSam-1-Am1.1986
6166MTroy JohnsonGetting A Grip On Love3.1986
6167MVanitySkin On Skin2.1986
6169TThe MarvelettesCompact Command Performances: 23 Greatest Hits3.1986
617OGMartha Reeves & the VandellasCompact Command Performances: 24 Greatest Hits3.1986
6171MMary WellsCompact Command Performances: 22 Greatest Hits5.1986
6172TMarvin GayeMotown Remembers Marvin Gaye3.1986
6173GDeBargeGreatest Hits5.1986
6174MVariousMotown's Biggest Pop Hits5.1986
6175TStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium Vol. 1NR
6176TStevie WonderOriginal Musiquarium Vol. 2NR
6177MVariousEndless Love - 15 Of Motown's Greatest Love Songs4.1986
6178MRockwellThe Genie5.1986
6179MFizzy OwickFizzy Qwick6.1986
6180MVariousA Fine Mess (f/s.)7.1986
6181GEl DeBargeEl DeBarge (CD: 7.1986)5.1986
6182GTeena MarieCompact Command Performances9.1986
6183MVarious20 Hard To Find Motown Classics Vol. 15.1986
6184MVarious20 Hard To Find Motown Classics VoL 25.1986
6185GRick JamesThe Flag (CD: 5.1986)5.1986
6186MVariousPippin (Original Cast)6.1986
6187MVariousGuys And Dolls (Original Cast)NR
6189GThe TemptationsAnthology10.1986
6190MVariousThe Motown Story - The First 25 Years11.1986
6191TMarvin GayeLive! At The London Palladium10.1986
6192MVariousYou Can't Hurry Love8.1986
6193MDiana Ross & the Supremes25th Anniversary10.1986
6194MJackson 5Anthology10.1986
6195MMichael JacksonAnthology10.1986
6196TSmokey Robinson & the MiraclesAnthology10.1986
6197MDiana RossAnthology10.1986
6198MDiana Ross & the SupremesAnthology10.1986
6199TMarvin GayeAnthology10.1986
6200MGladys Knight & the PipsAnthology10.1986
6201TMarvin GayeCompact Command Performances: Vol. 29.1986
6202TSmokey Robinson & the MiraclesCompact Command Performances: VoL 29.1986
6203MJr Walker & the All StarsCompact Command Performances9.1986
6204MThe Temptations25th Anniversary10.1986
6205TStevie WonderHotter Than July9.1986
6206MJimmy ReedCompact Command Performances9.1986
6207GThe TemptationsTo Be Continued (CD: 12.1986)6.1986
6208MLittle RichardCompact Command Performances9.1986
6209MJakataDesigns Of The HeartNR
6210MNick JamesonA Crowd of One7.1986
6211MFourTopsHot NightsNR
6212MStacy LattisawTake Me All The Way9.1986
6213GMary Jane GirlsConversationNR
6214MChico DeBargeChico DeBarge9.1986
6215MVariousHits From The Legendary Vee-Jay Records11.1986
6216GGeneral KaneIn Full Chill10.1986
6217MBunny DeBargeIn Love1.1987
6218MDuane EddyCompact Command Performances1.1987
6219MVarious25 Hard-To-Find Motown Classics: Vol. 31.1987
622OGDr Martin Luther KingCompact Command Performances (His Greatest Speeches)12.1986
6221 MVarious24 Enduring Classics From The Small Label Era Of Rock MusicNR
6222MBruce WillisThe Return Of Bruno (CD: 1.1987)1.1987
6223MCarrie McDowellCarrie McDowell7.1987
6224MBlake & HinesBlake & Hines3.1987
6225MF.G.0.Give Her What She WantsNR
6226MSmokey RobinsonOne Heartbeat (CD: 4.1987)2.1987
6227MBobby DarinLive! At The Desert Inn4.1987
6228MAngela ColaTurn Up The BeatNR
6229MGeorgioSexappeal (CD: 3.1988)3.1987
6230MVariousMotown Dance Party VoL 14.1987
6231 MVariousMotown Dance Party Vol. 24.1987
6232MVariousMotown Around The World4.1987
6233MDiana Ross & the SupremesThe Rodgers & Hart Collection4.1987
6234MGarry GlennFeels Good To Feel Good (CD: 9.1987)6.1987
6235MVarious ArtistsMusic From The Motion Picture Soundtrack Police Acadamy IV 'Citizens on Patrol'3.1987
6236MKim O'LearyKim O'LearyNR
6237MDarryl DuncanHeaven2,1988
6238MGeneral KaneWide Open7.1987
6239MVarious ArtistsMotown Dance Party '88NR
6240MEl DeBargeRealLoveTBA
6241 MAda DyerMeant To Be4.1988
6242MFamily DreamNR
6244MWilson PickettAmerican Soul Man8.1987
6245M-Chris ReaDancing With Strangers (CD: 9.1987)9.1987
6246MTemptationsTogetherAgain (CD: 9.1987)9.1987
6247MStacy LattisawPersonalAttention (CD: 2.1988)2.1988
6248MStevie WonderCharacters (CD: 11.1987)11.1987
6249MChco DeBargeKiss Serious9.1987
6250MMichaelJacksonThe Original Soul Of... (CD: 11.1987)11.1987
6251MBrownmarkJust Like That (CD: 2.1988)2.1988
6252MMagic LadyMagic Lady (CD: 4.1988)4.1988

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