Programs of the GMSNY

Mahler Conducting

In the almost twenty five years of its existence, the Society has presented many and various events. In the first decade, during Jack Diether's presidency, there were numerous lectures by such as Henry-Louis de La Grange and Donald Mitchell; there were video presentations (film and documentary); and there were chamber concerts, including rare Mahler and Bruckner performances, some of them premieres, some of them transcriptions or arrangements.

There was music for voices, pianos, organs, other instruments, or other instrumental groups. The programs included the Piano Quartet movement, the Tenth Symphony finale, the Bruckner Ninth finale completion, the Songs to Josephine, highlights from Die Drei Pintos, Songs from Don Juan, a choreographed version of “Blumine,” plus more familiar Mahler. And there was music of other composers including Alma Mahler, Liszt, Weill, Beethoven, Weigl, et al. To view sample programs, click here.

Since 1987 under the presidency of Gerald Fox, the Society has presented many more lectures and videos, and has made visits to the New York Philharmonic and Carnegie Hall archives and the Morgan Library for private viewings of manuscripts, annotated scores, and letters. Lectures have included talks on individual works (recently, the Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Symphonies), on musical history, biography, and interpretation. The speakers have included Gilbert Kaplan, Stuart Feder, Ben Zander, Susan Filler, William Carragan, David Aldeborgh, Gerald Fox, Lewis Smoley, Glen Cortese, Jerry Bruck, Ted Reilly, Jonathan Carr, Thomas Sanderling, Michael Jameson, and Harold Farberman.

The Philharmonic and Morgan visits were rare opportunities to closely examine original scores and other autograph material by Mahler and others.

And a tradition has been established: the annual Mahler's Birthday Dinner, held on or around July 7 at a New York restaurant.

Future plans are to present more lectures, videos, and field trips, and to consider other possibilities as well.  The organization is always open to the suggestions of its membership for future events and activities.

The Society offers its events and activities and the opportunity to share them with other music lovers.

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