Ok there is gonna be some really offensive crap in my lyrics so if anything offends you dont read them, this is just a form of expression emotions. Eventually all songs will be made into real songs and put on my Mp3 site, but not for awhile. All lyrics ©Perverse, Violent Joka aka Violent Joker aka Jason Eberly aka JaeDawg aka JAE aka JDAWG aka Jae Ebz and everyone else that has thier songs here. All song are added from oldest to newest.

if u wanna add your lyrics e-mail them to me at vilentjay8@aol.com.UPDATE: Now i really got a group, PVC, and I'm EViL JAE!!!!!
you found my earliest shit from the group known as PeRVeRSe - Check us out

Violent Joka - Freestyle

Perverse - All Alone (Violent Joka Remix)

Violent Joka - Freestyle 2

Perverse - Behind The Show

Perverse - Pretty Bitchaz

Violent Joka - Friends?

Violent Joka - John

Violent Joka - Freestyle 3

Violent Joka - U Can't Touch Me

Violent Joka - Violent Joka Intro.

Psycho T - Psycho T Intro.

Violent Joka - No F**k

Violent Joka - Glass Mirror

Violent Joka - Voodoo Candle

Violent Joka - Juggalo Pride

Perverse - Wicked;Improper

Psycho T - To Kill a Rat

Violent Joka - You Make Me Sick

Emcee P - Some Sh*t I Keyed Up

Violent Joka - F**k The Living

Violent Joka - 3 Dead

Violent Joka - Freestyle 4

Psycho T - Psycho T's Dead

Psycho T - On The Way

Violent Joka - Pointless Thoughts

Violent Joka - On My Mind

Violent Joka - The 3rd(Triple G Intro

Triple G - Nobody Likes Jon

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