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You are the
person to enter this nightmare
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Characters: basic information on all the FF7 characters, some pics, and
                        my interpretation of their personalities based on the game.

Gallery: gorgeous pictures of Vincent. Includes a fanart section.

Mystery: explaning the mystery of Vincent's true age.

Fanfics: a nice collection of of FF7 fanfics.

Obsession: you know you're obsessed with Vincent when...       
"Too much hope is the opposite of despair. An overwhelming
                   love may consume you in the end."
About Me
- Vincent Valentine
Forum/Guestbook: Chat, ask questions, leave comments here  *NEW!*

Updates: learn what's new and what's been added to this site.

: links to other websites dedicated to Vincent and/or FF7 that
             competely puts my pathetic one in the dark

: a record of all the words Vincent has said in the game.

awards I'm giving.

: my polls and quizzes page, ff7 personality tests, etc.
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Welcome to the Illusionary World of Vincent Valentine
Vincent: "...I believe it's been almost two years since this site was    
Cloud: "Hey, Vincent? Just HOW old is this site now?
Whew....my hair is okay.
*Sweatdrop* of all the people I could get stuck between with, it's human-cigarette and 'my skirt can't get any shorter!' bar-girl...
Hey, Vincent? Just HOW old is this site now?
Hey there, looking goood...
.............................my hand's getting sore.
Grossness! You want me to beat you up, Reno?
Maybe if I sleep for another 40, 50 years....
One beer, coming up!
Cloud: "Whoa?!! Two years?" *Shakes his head* "You mean that all these stuff around us is two years' worth of work?"
Vincent: "Precisely."
Cloud: "...Does it look like two years of work to you?"
Cloud: *Sigh* This site is pretty much doomed to be forever unfinished.
Vincent: "Maybe if I sleep for another 40, 50 years......."
Vincent: "...No."
*winks* Hi!
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Last updated: 12/05/2002