Vince Roth's

2nd Face

makeover done in February 2001

best viewed with 1024 X 768 screen

.........Welcome to the other side.........


Vince Roth is back from the frenzies of boring ordinary life with a brand new incubator for warped art.

The heart of this world is the festering hole for art made by the creator of this little world and its landscape. Please feel free to communicate your feelings or criticisms in the guestbook or mail me at

Visit the gallery of art, read a macabre story or visit the realm of collected compiled art, music, reviews of Squaresoft, Capcom and other computer games. The boxes with questions await adventurous spirits who dare tread into these backstreets and what thoughts that dwell there.

This world is young, small and simple now but growth is as sure as the stealthy waxing of the moon.

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