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~ Site Creation ~
This site was created sometime around May to June of 1996. It has been up since then but has gone through extensive periods of no updates. The original purpose was to display my interest in the dark side, and by extension a foolish fansite to Buffy (a reigning vampire-involved show). Expanding on the personal interests, I also added things like sci-fi oriented Deepwater Black here. I had some other things, like links, free stuff, etc. But that's all gone now.

The site name is original..It came to me in a dream. The image of a bright full moon sailing in the sky with a dark shadow forever with it..the shadow of it's soul. I liked the image. So...hence the site name. Full Moon's Shadow. Blah :) How pretentious, eh?

~ Now ~
I've reformatted some of this site to have a cleaner, neater interface to the non-fan pages. Also I wanted so show off that I DO know how to make a decent page nowadays :) I've also edited this page slightly to include both my old and current online nicknames (Clearsong, Vireyda).

~ Technical Stuff ~

Clearsong (& lots of time)
Hehe, I'm 20 and I still am slow with HTML. I'm better than an average non-computer user etc, but I didn't start using computers til HS. I surf now and see pages by 14 year olds using DHTML! Gah! :) I feel so behind.
Text Graphics:
Clearsong with MGI Photosuite
Arial, Addict, Alix2, Alcohole, Wet Paint, Acidic, AndesHand
If you want to know what a font on a certain page is, email me and I'll tell you as best as I can recall.
Site Graphics:
Too many places to count for the Buffy area.
DWB has graphics from Sci-Fi Channel and YTV.
Azrael's pics are mostly from the Avenging Angel Archive & personal scans.
Got a bunch of misc ones (backgrounds, etc) from some free graphics sites. Will have to update since I'm changing each page now.
Lpage Guestbooks, theanointed
Website Server
Geocities - vireyda_m, formerly theanointed
Vireyda - primary address
Clearsong - secondary for this site

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Thanks to all y'all. How hick of me eh? :)