First Chinese Visual Band ! They all look gorgeous,pretty&cool
Please know more about them & sign the gustbook!!Thanks~~

Update :
=Clik here for know other chinese visual band=

New song for download,go to "MUSIC" .Thanks krystal upload those song for fans but pls support original CD,

30th May: Sorry for really long long time never update the site ,i'm busy & less online now .Just change the main pics to their latest image.currently SA are"Ling,Yue,Yu,Zhen"

02/07 Update "PHOTO", "LYRIC","INFO","FANWORK" &
add more live clips in "VIDEO"

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New release !!!!!Buy Online
New VCD !!
== Pluma-Pray Part ==
-Liar PV
-Lunar Eclipse PV
-Home video

New Maxi single !
== Never End ==
-Never End


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[scream-records]first floor,office building b,no.2 tianningsi qianjie,guanganmenwai,beijing,china.

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