Vlos-An'ar De'Bruche

Its such a shame not everyone is on the same level ehh? Thus the need for each person to put up rules they must enforce.

1. Do not... I repeat DO NOT come to me asking me to play a character of your creation if your only interest is erotic mindless and tastless trash.

2. Do not start your conversation with me with something an infant could muster. Net speak, anything less then 5 letters, buzzing, or anything else equally as ignorant will will result in an ignore.

3. Yahoo chat does not allow anyone under 18 in chat. If your one of those kids that wants to pretend to be over 18, I dont wanna know about it. If you message me, Make me beleive your at least 18. If I find out your under 18, I will report you to Yahoo for your own protection.

4. Dont be so stupid that I have to add new rules here.