Vlos-An'ar De'Bruche
Vlos-An'ar De'Bruche
Name: Vlos-An'ar De'Bruche
Age: 168
Race: Drow
Class: Preistess of Lolth/ Fighter
Fighting Style: Orb Alur and Z'ress A'thalak
Deity: Lolth
Kin: Taranis De'Bruche (Twin Brother)

History: Vlos-An'ar was born as one half of a twin birth. Her twin brother whom under normal conditions would have been sacrificed, was rejected by Lolth. Due to the usually fearful rivalry that came as part of the package with twin births, Vlos-An'ar and Taranis were actively keep apart by their entire family.  Not that this would do much good, considering the two had a natural psychic that was more difficult to supress then to make use of.

Upon during their fourth decade, Taranis was sent off Melee Magthere while Vlos-An'ar began her clerical studies. This was much more to Vlos-An'ars advantage then Taranis several times over. While he was studying melee combat, she was able to learn from his own memories and as such becoming as good as he, as fast as he without ever lifting a sword personally.  Meanwhile he could learn the clerical knowledge she studied yet it did no good since the source of those spells, their goddess, was beyond his grasp.

The twins did have a rivalrly, one very unusual among their people. Rather then trying to out preform each other by violent deadly means, their rivaly was mostly made up of pranks they left the two laughing and smiling. The two in a sence shared a single mind, thus found it

useless to attempt the usual posturing and ego inflating with each other. The two were often so friendly towards each other, most others around found it sickening. Some even found it as a chance to pick off the first daughter, and first son of a rival house. None succeeded in so much as scratching either of them. Sneeking up on one Drow is hard enough, but to sneek up on two, that each have two sets of well tuned sences to call upon, is nearly as difficult as trying to sneak up on an entire well trained scouting patrol.

Upon Taranis' Graduation from Melee Magthere, He was put into possition of weapons master, which was held by Vlos-An'ar pending his return. Vlos, bairly a tenday later was send off to Tier Brieche to further her clerical studies. During their ninth decade, Vlos-An'ar's graduation took place and she returned to her home.  Upon her return, she was expected to reclaim the rank of weapons master, yet refused.

Vlos-An'ar with her unique style, was often avoided. She was as lethal with as lethal with a sword as near any weapons master. And the spider queens magic to back it, there left less then two dozen people in the entire city that she would bother to yeild to. With her  experience came another unnatural causion. As she began to realize the extremely unpredictable nature of the spider queen's favor and power, she began to aquire an arsonal to back her swordsmanship skills. Her armor and weaponry, is enchanted with wizards magic rather then the preistess magic usual to a priestess. A few  of the enchantments pruchased from higher ranking wizards, some evn rumored to be directly from the archmage himself. This makes her armor and weapons, nearly as dangerous as her preistess abilities. And as an added bonus, should she fall out of favor with Lolth, or the spider queens magic fail all together, her armor and weapons would remain in full force.

During their eleventh Decade, a null magic zone had set over Ched Nasad, thus caused anarcy. Without the ability to cast spells, the preistesses were unable to keep the males subjugated. Alot of the male fighters and wizards took this as a chance to rage a civil war against the females they feared and hated. THe majority of the females lacked the  skill with a sword to stand against the hordes that desended upon then, thud hid and locked themselves away to wait out the terror waiting outside. Vlos-An'ar was one of only a few confident enough to remain out during the chaos. Vlos-An'ar  kept a single thing in mind, tracking Taranis. When Taranis and Vlos-An'ar finally did meet, Vlos-anar tried to convince him to come to hiding with her. The result was a fight, Taranis fighting for his freedom, Vlos-An'ar trying to keep her own brother from becoming another death among or after this war. This battle between the two, resulted in more then five dozen deaths of those who tried to jump in to turn the tides, yet still ended in a draw. After a battle that lasted nearly eight full outs, with neither landing a single scratch on the other, Taranis turned and fled to the surface. Vlos-An'ar had tried to pursue... but was repeatedly slowed down my attacking males. In the end, she lost track of him, the mental connection broken... it ment he succeeding  in reaching the surface.

Upon returning to the city, she found that it was in a bull blown civil war. She of course joined, in the defense of her own house. By the end of the null magic zone... bairly a tenday later, nearly every house was crippled. By the time chaotic order was restored, few houses had what it took to survive.  House De'Bruche was better then most. Then Vlos-Anar, and the matron mother were the only survivors of royal blood from House De'Bruche, Yet there were houses that were worse off. As a result, several houses merged under De'Bruche to reform a single house of full power. Ched Nasad went from a full 38 houses of respectable power, down to 3 houses and a few extra houses that wouldnt not even have the means to mantain a good enough food supply to survive the next century.

Vlos-An-ar's Armor

Adamantine chainmail with a black oval shaped gem placed in the chest of the armor, along with designs of spider's and webbing along the entire suit. The shoulders, wrists and groan are all covered by a blackwidow design. The black oval gem set in the chest of the armor has been hinted at being a pure darkoil gem, granting the armor immunity to sunlight and decaying effects the surface normally holds upon drow crafted armor and weapons. Other then that, the armor has been enchanted by Vhid Kil’neld, though the only two that know the enchamnts would be Vlos-an-ar and Vhid. The armor with its construction and enchantments, is suprisignly light, having used the top of the line adamantine and the most skilled drow blacksmiths in the Underdark to craft it, it only weighs roughly seventeen pounds.

Enchantments - Gives the wearer resistance to fire, cold/ice, and electric energy based attacks, along with resistance to acid based attacks. It is also enchanted with special oils that cause it to make little to no sound when being worn, and also dampens the sound around it. Along with those enchantments, the armor has two more enchantments. One of them granting the wearer better cover while hiding within shadows while wearing the armor, along with blearing the wears outline from distances. The last enchantment, doesn't really add anything to protection of the wearer, but allows the armor to become an elegant set of clothes of the wears choice, though the armor retains all of its properties, including weight when this enchantment is activated.