Movie Club Manager
Welcome to the official web site of the popular Movie Club Management software.

Movie Club  Manager is the one-stop management package for organizing and running your  movie rental and sales business.

With Movie Club manager it is very easy to manage customers, films, rental, sales and at the same time keep an eye on your finances and the health of your business.

In Movie Club Manager a customer need only register once to rent Tapes and Video CDs.Different membership categories could be defined to cater for the rental needs of your customers. Customers may upgrade their membership to meet their changing rental needs.

Movie Club Manager is a highly secured management system, access is through defined user accounts. Users could be restricted to the transactions they need to carryout their roles effectively.

Movie Club Manager maintains a complete audit trail of all transactions, making it possible to drill down on any customer or film. Customers may also check for previously borrowed films.

Being a Windows based, network ready system it is possible to set-up different terminals to cater for the growing needs of the business.

Business rules are centrally and uniformly enforced. It comes with a wide range of reports for effective decision-making. Rental rates are very flexible. It        comes with a 112 page user guide designed for all levels of  users.
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** Initial parameters for running Movie Club Manager are as follows:

  UserName: MANAGER
  Password:   WELCOME

Ensure you change the password after evaluation.
Movie Club Manager is distributed and marketed as a shareware program, meaning that you get to try it before paying. The 30 days trial version is a fully       functional program. You are free to install, assess and use the software on any number of systems in your business. You may also make copies of it       and distribute or install for others provided you do not charge for this service.
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For Further Information Contact:
At the end of the 30 days trial period you may decide not to use the software any further. If on the other hand you wish to use it to manage your business you would be required to pay a registration  fee. On payment you would be given a unique activation code, which opens up the program for an unrestricted lifetime usage.
Name: Ronald Esin
Phone: 234 802 322 3178