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posbul1a.gif (3133 bytes)  Infrastructure : The College is located away from urban hustle, on a sprawling and serene campus, that is conducive to academic pursuit. It has all the necessary facilities and conveniences characteristic of a well established engineering college. A proposal is on the anvil to introduce video conferencing and virtual classroom facilities as well. The college owns a fleet of buses that ensure convenient transportation to the students and the staff.

posbul1a.gif (3133 bytes)  Library : The College has an excellent library stocked with the latest books on engineering and technology. Periodicals and Journals published by reputed establishments and organisations are also available at this library.

posbul1a.gif (3133 bytes)  Hostel Facilities : The College has three well constructed and well maintained hostel buildings in the Gandhinagar area and one inside the College campus to provide accommodation to the students hailing from outside Bellary.
The Men's Hostel at Gandhinagar provides accommodation to 300 students in its well furnished rooms. Normally, First Year Students are accommodated in this Hostel. Phone 58206.
The Women's Hostel at Gandhinagar is located near the V.V. Sangha Office. It provides well furnished hostel accommodation to around 100 girl students. Phone 55240.
Senior students are accommodated in the hostel located in the college campus. Phone 42236.
The hostel in the Fort area provides accommodation to 120 girl students. Phone 68472

All these hostels have a mess and a playground. The upkeep of the hostels and the quality of food in the mess are monitored regularly by the authorities of the College.

posbul1a.gif (3133 bytes)  Bank facilities : Branches of Tungabhadra Gramin Bank and Central Bank of India are located in the campus for the convenience of the students.

posbul1a.gif (3133 bytes)  Canteen : The College canteen serves delicious snacks, tea and coffee all through the day, at reasonable rates.

posbul1a.gif (3133 bytes)  Extra Curricular Activities : The students are encouraged to participate in extra curricular activities such as Sports, Debates, Music, Drama, etc. under the able guidance of the faculty. Cultural events, Seminars and workshops are also held regularly.

posbul1a.gif (3133 bytes)   Industrial Training & Placements : Young engineers are given first hand practical experience through a unique industry institution participation to enable them keep abreast of the latest technological and business developments across the world. Under this programme, the final year students are sent to reputed industries corresponding to their branch of study, for industrial training. In addition to this, representatives from leading industries, professional bodies and business houses visit the College on a regular basis. On completion of their courses of study, proper placement is a vital first step in a student's career. In a major development, VEC has tied up with Touch World Inc., U.S.A. to provide training and placement services to students. Besides, reputed industries and business establishments like WIPRO, Infosys, Jindal Vijayanagar Steels, Ltd., B.S.A.L, Kirloskar and Sathavahana Ispat Ltd. also conduct campus interviews regularly.

posbul1a.gif (3133 bytes)  Alumni Association : The Alumni Association of the College has around 2000 members most of whom are well placed in public and private firms. Some of them are well settled abroad, mainly in U.S.A. and Canada. The association has a branch in U.S.A.

posbul1a.gif (3133 bytes)  Student Associations : every department in the College has a student association which regularly conducts seminars, Symposiums, Quizes, Games, etc. These extra curricular activities provide a channel for the students to display their latent talents.

posbul1a.gif (3133 bytes)  Indian Society for Technical Education (I.S.T.E) - The College has student and staff chapters of I.S.T.E. which regularly conduct regional and national seminars.

posbul1a.gif (3133 bytes)   Consultancy Cell : All the departments of the College offer consultancy services. The Civil Engineering Department is doing exceptionally well and has taken up World Bank sponsored projects as well as Government and Private consultancy assignments.

posbul1a.gif (3133 bytes)   ISDN/Internet Connection : Internet facilities are available to the students on payment of a separate fee.

posbul1a.gif (3133 bytes)  AICTE Project : The all India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has granted equipment worth Rs. 60.00 lakhs to the College for its various departments under the MODROBS Scheme.

posbul1a.gif (3133 bytes)   Scholarships : Scholarships are offered to various sections of the students by Several Government and Non-Government Organizations.

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