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We never lose sight of our USP – QUALITY. Every activity we undertake is with that objective in view. We celebrate the growth in every child, whatever be the pace! 

Typical questions parents of junior batches   (Jr. Kg to 2nd Std.) ask us….

1. Will my child become more social ? H/She is very shy. H/She does not talk.
2. Will my child speak English fluently ? We speak in another language at home.
3. Will my child start reading ? H/She has no interest in reading. H/She just wants to watch TV.
4. What reading should do at this age ?
5. H/She does not want to go to classes. I have to force him/her. What do I do?

Our USP here is:

1. Our class is pure fun. Learning is by chance.
2. Children love stories. We teach words through stories.
3. We have the VocaBOOM game with sub games and a running scoreboard. This touches the children exactly where we want it to. We want to make learning a game and we are achieving our objective.
4. We use the game method to slyly add writing skills, word building, vocabulary enrichment and fluency and clarity in  speech.
5. We are not a stagnating class with a fixed syllabus. We are constantly innovating and that’s our biggest USP. We change in every session. We mirror our clients’ desires. We are in touch with the client all the time and keep improvising to teach and appeal.


1. Yes the child becomes social because children in a happy environment are automatically social. They are not under pressure. They are playing games and being challenged all the time. They are bound to open up sooner or later.
2 & 3. The child will improve but fluency depends on both the home and class environment. The parents have to work in conjunction with the teacher. We as a team can raise the child’s level of fluency. Reading is a MUST. Weekly ready has to be inculcated in the child’s schedule and the parent has to ensure that the child is supported lovingly in this effort. Reading should be a parent and child game, not a task forced by the parent with a deadline. A child’s mind can be moulded as per how you as a parent approach the task. View the task as one you enjoy doing with the child and H/She will look forward to it as ‘precious time spent with the parent’. An lo and behold….! Your child develops a love for reading ! Try to converse in English with the child at least for some part of the time. Maybe twice a week. Fix days. On Mondays and Fridays we will speak only in English. It will become a game.
4. The facilitator will address this as per the child’s background and level.
5. Leave Question 5 to us. We will change that ! That’s VocaBOOM’s promise !

Typical questions parents of senior batches   (3rd to 8nd Std.) ask us…

1. Will my child’s English marks in school improve ?
2. Will my child’s essays in school improve ?
3. Will my child’s spellings improve ?
4. My child hates reading. S/he just doesn’t listen.
5. How soon will I see improvement ?

Our USP here is :

1. We work on spelling, essays, spoken essays and inculcating reading habits simultaneously.
2. The child enjoys the class and the game. H/She does not realize that his/her level of English is improving. However, this is a slow process as we have to undo a lot, unlike a 4 or 5 year old who is a clean slate and can sponge the language at a far more rapid pace.
3. We are the only class which focuses on spellings as a program, and the children love it simply because of the VocaBOOM game !
4. We guarantee improvement in their essay structure and quality by the end of the first year. That is another prime area of focus in VocaBOOM.


1. Yes but you have to give it a year at least.
2. A hundred percent ! We can guarantee that. You in turn have to guarantee us that the child will complete h/her home assignment every week.
3. Yes. Please ensure h/she maintains a file of the regular emails we send you and keep a check that h/she revises them whenever we announce a competitive game relating to a part of the collection.
4. Inculcating reading habits at an older age is far more difficult. We try to do this is small doses through simpler stories and passages.
5. In one year. We are not magicians.
We promise you our dedicated involvement with your child. Promise us yours…..and we have a deal ! Together, success is assured!

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