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Vocabulary is one of the greatest advantages one can have. People who have a large vocabulary instantly become more fluent at English, and are given an advantage, as they understand and can cope with a higher level of English. A person's vocabulary is defined by the set of words h/she can understand, or by the words a person is likely to use when h/she is constructing new sentences. Our aim is to increase a child's vocabulary, so that h/she can  experience the wonders of the English language.

Essays and assignments in school are always tough, and usually  take a long time. Every student wants to sound impressive, and so tries his/her best to make the essay sound as professional as possible. However, making an essay sound professional without an advanced vocabulary is incredibly hard. With an increased vocabulary, your children will be able to surprise their teachers as well as you, and will be on their way to making their written and spoken English much better.

We at VocaBOOM are promising to increase your child's vocabulary by at least a thousand words, in the first year. On an average, around 40-50 new words are circulated around the class at each session of VocaBOOM, and these words end up being taught to the children easily and effectively. We conduct verbal essay games to encourage logical sequencing, reasoning, and presentation of ideas. Our debates on essay subjects encourage free thinking and verbal presentation of thoughts. We believe in teaching through a fun method, and so the children actually learn through a series of games and social interactions.

"The richness of a person's vocabulary is popularly thought to be a reflection of intelligence or level of education" - Wikipedia
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