Oh, that Matt, he sucks.

 Reasons To Hate Matt     Vol. 3

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    201.I hate matt because he wont let me be in the middle when we go to the bingo parlor he says my huge cock hurts his tight ass but # 30 is a lie he gives great head! - MONTGOMERY
    202.i cant even feel his small cock in my ass, but he does give GREEEAAT! head so # 30 is a terrible lie - montgomery
    203.He shaves his head but not his arse. Trust me his arse is much worse. - Matt's grotty beanie
    204.Because he's trhe reason that michelle said no to me. he is sittin next to me and he wont stop jackin off. - Davo499
    205.you guys are all fucken joint smokin hippies any guy named matt i agree are fuck heads but not me you dirty faggits - matt
    206.he milked my cat and used to to eat cereal - Andrew Gable 207.i hate bill - I hate gays too
    208.Your a retarded! - Sonny Bicth
    209.He dropped his guts on my guts. - Santa
    210.He's a baaaad boyfriend who's lazy and can't do anything right. he's also a liar and the biggest pervert ever..he's a dick and he has the eyebrows of Milhouse!!! - Melissa
    211.i love matt - fuck you sad fucker.com
    212.your all .... oh god the stupidity annoys me - Idiots
    213.If toilets could talk I bet matt's would talk for hours about the shit matt does! - Harry Spotter
    214.he called me a slag its not my fault people have bigger dicks than him! - Helena pitstop
    215.he sleeps wiv ya, dumps ya and dates a skanky twin 2 weeks later - loulable sparkle
    216.Like hello get a dick! (U pube-less wonder) - Helen Gubbin 217.I think I have to go to the toilet - Gorge
    218.He got me pregnant wiv twins and then fucked off wiv me bruver - Sexyride
    219.we were in the midle of 4play & he shat on me bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the dirty bastard! hes such a fuckface and hes shit in bed - *************
    220.plays to many vid games - shiter
    221.got a smelly arse!! - matt
    222.total evil dickweed -
    223.he makes SHITTY pizza....sorry matt...no really i "love" you....well....at least you "love" the visual - xxxx rated movie star
    224.He is a dirty, filthy, tremendous, violent, gay as a three dollar bill, sexually deviant QUEER!!!!!!!!!! - Ian
    225.Because I too am a sad freaking loser with no life who wants to add to this vindictive list of shit - Jonno
    226.u stupid mutha fucking bitch, trying 2 get in wiv ya mum, u mutha fuckin suck cockin twat. - Matt's dad
    227.I hate matt because whenever im tryin to get my freak on, hes always there beatin it in the corner, totaly destroys my rythem. - ryan wilson
    228.ehhh because you like men hashbdhlkfoie - My Big Harry Sloppy Dick
    229.Because he is so Darn smart!! - Caleb
    230.He licks toilet seats, and classifies the flavors - Capt. Smegma
    231.Never met the guy..but his name is fucking stupid! - my name is also mat..
    232.His penmanship is atrocious. - Devin King
    233.because he is a leprechaun!! - crystal
    235.the bastard just wont stay dead! - kizmitt
    236.He has a small penis - Ron
    237.Cause he looooooooves the cock - Jay
    238.i h8 matt coz he is in luv wid a fucking lil shaved headd dike who i hate most in the world!!! so i hate matt for liking her !! - jasmine
    239.coz his a fat fuck, and if his so sensitive about that, maybe he shouldnt ask ppl to tell him the truth. - stigmata
    240.cause he knows the difference between "his" and "he's" and always points it out when I make a stupid mistake like that - Genius stigmata dickhead
    241.he is a stupid dickhead with no fuckin good personality traits at all. and he sucks eddies dick. - nevermind
    242.He is Gay - doodle
    243.I hate young matt because he calls himself "Matt" and not "Mattch" like god intended. - el seriious
    244.he has a stupid name like matt - matt
    245.hey where the fuck is nambour ya damn retards - matt
    246.Matt used to sit next me on the bus. But I am imaginary and now he drives a car. - Yurk Gormitle
    247.cus he loves it in the rear - paul
    248.i hate the fucker who started this web site i want to kill you and light your body on fire in times square - matt
    249.im matt. leave me alone!!!!! - matt
    250.he has a fat mother - guy
    251.because jacob horsey hates him and i love jake, he's so cute! - mr chopin
    252.i dont ur all fucken faggots - matt
    253.cause he sucks dick and his name is matt price and he is a fagget - matt
    255.His veins popped in the middle of surgery and now I am HIV+. I hate you Matt - Dr. Kapall
    256.3 pages already? Must be a cunt. - Frigg
    257.He always screws around in Java class with that Alan Kid and never does what I tell him to, that uppity prick. - Mrs. Hughes
    258.His huge penis makes me jealous - Erik
    259.He makes me feel frisky and randy all the time. But does nothing about it!!!! The bitch! - Erik McCallum
    260.he tried to hit on me and then he tried to smell my feet - bobo
    261.he touches crusty old wrinkly cunts..... with his baloni pony!! fucken seedy cunt! - big cock! thats right ladies ;)
    262.i love you matt, i dont know why these people show so much hatred for the poor kid trapped inside you - lewis
    263.i hate matt because i know a matt and i hate him so i hate him by association!! - poodle
    264.Matt smells...usually - Jess
    265.I love myself i am a god. I have the smallest penis in the world and i use a pair of tweesors to masturbate. I like fuckin Joe and am a bit of spastic. I love myself and am tryin to suck my dick every day but it does not work. Yoga is my next option to tryin! - Matt B
    266.he made fun of me for searching ebay and craps for 2 hours straight every day. - mike
    267.Well were to start he;'s a fuckin ass tobegin with! I hate him so much and his lil girlfriend so much He can go get butt fucked anytime And he'll enjoy it you don't understand how much i fuckin hate his ass - NIkki
    268.I hat Matt he is a fuckin loser! He acts like a wigger it's like skin check...your white! He fuckin messes wit me and i fuckin hate him everyone does! i Wish he would jus go get butt fucked and leave me the fuck alone! and same with his girlfriend! He's a fuckin ass Matt Go Fuck Your self and then die cuz i fucken hope you do ASS! Sincerley - NIkki
    269.cause he's me - matt
    270.Matt I fuckin hate you and i hope you fuck in hell! same wit your girlfriend! Go get butt fucked and leave me the hell alone! - NIkki
    271.he wears all black
    cant use photoshop/psp/macromedia products
    no0b - brian
    272.he says he's an OG straight out the motherfuckin' hood but we all know he drinks wine coolers and thinks "South Park is in bad taste." - midget eater
    273.I hate Matt Vaughn because he humps his dog. - Ryan Barber
    274.He's a Lying Cheating Bullshit talking moron - friend
    275.Matt is a fucking homofag. He sucks the cock in many ways, including anal lube sucking. Finally i can't believe i have been sad enough to post on your shit coated site. - Eddie
    276.EAGLEBY!!!!!!! - Sahra

"- whoever" means that that kid sent it in. Just thought I might clarify that for the 'less bright' champions.

Hmm, quite the list. Some very cool kids have tried to be funny, and some have failed and some have done quite well. Either way, now you can contribute to the growing list of reasons to hate Matt, simply by filling out the boxes below.

What's your name?

What's your reason to hate Matt?
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