Many nonprofit, charitable and public sector organizations want volunteers to be 18 or older. Where does that leave younger people who want to volunteer? This is a website primarily for teens (18 and under) in the Palm Beach County of Florida to find community service opportunities; however, much of the information will be helpful to people anywhere, of any age as well.

Starting Point:
Take your first step into volunteering. You'll find useful advices, tips, and other information here for people considering volunteering.

Organizations from GoPBI:
Volunteer Centers:
There are hundreds of non-profit organizations in the Palm Beach County. Here is a list of those organizations including their contact information.

Libraries are another great place to volunteer. You can search for contact information of the library nearest you.

Some on-going volunteer opportunities in PBC.

Virtual Volunteering:
If you're looking for a more flexible volunteer schedule, virtual volunteering might be the thing for you. Use this search engine provided by VolunteerMatch to find an opportunity.

NEW: Not much time on your hands but would still love to help? You can help just by visiting this site everyday:
The Hunger Site
-donates food to the hungry.

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*NOTE: If you know of any opportunities (special events, walks, etc.) in the PBC area, or if you like to suggest an organization, please E-mail me. Any info you may have will be helpful. Thank you!