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Birthstone Pearl

*i'm SO discombobulated!*

Eric, hey //\\//er. your such a crackhead! but i still wuv ya. we're gonna have so much fun at the dinner/dance! enjoy tyra! haha

Kayla, hey kay! luv ya twin. lol can't wait til our party! remember all the fun we had in my basement! lol

Auds, hey playa! we be thuggin up in fountainhood (aka the projects). we have so much fun on the bus! remeber: purple grapes. haha best of luck to you n ryan!

Trulie, i love him more! heehee i luv ya chick... can't wait til church on sunday and youth this summer!

Vanna, you better watch your back! me n true are gonna ducktape you to the floor. well, we might hafta use snot! haha say 'HO'

Kaitlyn, always member you biker boyfriend. oh yah and your fireman boyfriend too!

Michael S, you slut! thanx for the cake...(and the icing your smeared across my face! :P)

Derrick H, thanx for all those shoulder rubs in mr. zacot's class! your a sweety!

Lindsey, wow! haha ... remember our hour long doritoŠ session and your lemomade (it was perfect i swear!)

Travis, you tell me some things that should be sensored but that's ok...ya know i love ya! n thanx for uh licking my necklace (i think :S)

Michael B, when are we goin to the bahamas? haha. don't i wish! i'm not a freakin pretzel or a teacup! lol and you know you love me! ;) *kisses*

and hey to the rest of my friends:
nikki, a.j.(square), autumn , e.j.(prep), beth (the 4th twin), andrea (the 5th twin), jarran (you crack me up!), rach, rachel, niki, abigail, paul, ben's (both of em), mark (you crackwhore), mikey (the ho), dustin , tommy , carrie's(both of em), shell (it's a clue!), and whoever else i forgot to put in there(let me know if i forgot ya). i love you all lots!

9: band practice
10: special olympics
12: mother*s day
16: band concert
23: charleston trip
27: memorial day
31: rocky gap trip

4: band meeting
5: award ceremony
6: dinner/dance
7: recital rehearsal
8: dance recital
12&13: 9-11:30 practice
14: flag day
16: father*s day
24&25: king*s dominion
27: 9-11:30 practice

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