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welcome to daywalker's Quality vcds of Asian TV series & specials!!!

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 k We have the most popular Korean and Chinese TV series in the market.k




VCD's all with english subtitle

.Love Letter


.Love Storm

. All About Eve


.All In


.Bright Girl

.Loving You

.Beautiful Days

.My Love Patzzi

.Meteor Garden 1

.Meteor Garden 2

.Meteor Rain Series

.Lavender / Hua Xiang

.Attic Cat / Cat on The Roof

.Marmalade Boy / Orange Jam Boy

.Endless Love 1 - Autumn in my heart

.Endless Love 2 - Winter Sonata

.Endless Love 3 - Summer Scent

.A Promise of Love at the Dolphin Bay

.Amazing Twins"- Jue Shi Shuang Jiao"(Dubbed in Tagalog)










.Infernal Affairs 1


.Infernal Affairs 2


.Inner Senses


.The Phone


.Autumn Diary


.Sky of Love


.Magic Kitchen


.Love Scar


.Love Storm




.Haunted Office







.IL Mare




.The Phone


.The Classic


.Guns & Talk


.Who Are You


.Perfect Match


.My Sassy Girl


.Untold Scandal


.Oh! Happy Days


.Lover's Concerto


.2009 Lost Memory


.Marrying The Mafia


.Take Care of My Cat


.Joint Security Area


.Harmonium in my memory


.Bungee Jumping Of Their Own






Concerts / Music  V C Ds




.F4 MTV  P50.00  

.MG2-OST P50.00

.Meteor Rain Karaoke  P50.00

.Vaness Wu : Body Will Sing  P50.00

.Vic Zhou   : Remember I Love You Album  P50.00 (Audio)

.F4 Concert in Taiwan  P100.00

  .F4 Concert in Jakarta  P100.00  

.F4 Concert in Hongkong  P100.00





Audio CDs / Drama Soundtracks:  (*P50/each)





.Attic Cat




.Love Letter


.Love Storm  


.Beautiful Days


.At A Dolphin Bay  


.Hotelier (Original Soundtrack) Hotelier


.Loving You (Original Soundtrack) Loving You 


.Autumn In The Heart / Endless Love (OST)     Endless Love 1 : Autumn in my heart  


.Winter Sonata And Endless Love (OST)   Endless Love 2 : Winter Sonata  


.Summer Scent OST Endless Love 3 : Summer Scent 


.Greatest Hits Of Korean Drama 2 2002 Greatest Hit Korean Drama

(Hotelier, Wintersonata, Bright Girl, My Love Patzzi, My Sassy Girl, and more...)



.Best Korea Movie Music Video Compilation Video of Korean Drama / OST

(Hotelier, Endless Love 2, Kiss: I am Woman, My Love Patzzi, Bright Girl, All About Eve, and more...)



. Compilation Audio of Korean Drama / Movie OST 1

(All About Eve, Four Sisters, Beautiful Days, Endless Love, My Sassy Girl, Glass Shoes, Friends and more...)



. Compilation Audio of Korean Drama / Movie OST 2

(Attic Cat, Lover's Concerto,  The Classic, SummerScent, All In, Loving You, Romance, IL Mare and more...)



. Compilation Audio of Korean Drama / Movie OST 3

(Love Letter, Little Mermaid, Bright Girl, Crazy First Love, Calla, IL Mare, Marrying The Mafia, Tutor Friend, Wanee & Junah and more...)





Anime Movies




P100.00 (2 discs)    



SlamDunk 3    

P100.00 (2 discs)  



Neon Genesis Evangelion  

Volume 2    

P100.00 (2 discs)   




Volume 1

Endless Walts

P100.00 (2 discs)




Volume 2

Endless Walts

P100.00 (2 discs)




08th MS Team 

Miller's Report    

P100.00 (2 discs)  




Also Available



*** ABCDEF4 ***  (Chinese Subtitle)    

P300.00   ( 8 discs) 



*** Friends ***  (Best of...)      

P100.00   ( 2 discs)



*** Buffy ***  (Season 1)  

P300.00   (12 discs)


  **** We also have cds for PS1 

  (jz txt wt title u wnt...)****

((( P35/each )))








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