WHHS Senior Class of 1964
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Nestled in the heart of Hampton County, in Hampton, South Carolina stands a sprawling brick building that we grew to know, love and hate as Wade Hampton High School.  Today, the cities within Counties support two and three High Schools each.  Back then, even though we were the baby boomers, it took four cities and the surrounding communities to fill one school: Hampton, Varnville, Brunson  and Yemassee.  In 1964, Wade Hampton only had a student body of about 400. 

Each teacher at Wade Hampton High had their own impact on us as we went about our ways in and out of their classes. 

Mrs. Ellis had lived most of the history and civics she taught us, we thought.  
Mr. Rentz had a problem keeping his zipper up, and his slight weight problem caused his chalk work to be erased as quickly as he wrote it on the board and moved down. 
Mr. Boyd was our Principal and our disciplinarian. We could not believe it the day he did the "Ready-o, Lets Go!"  cheer leader skip in Assembly.  
Mr. Ware was our buddy.  He was stern but approachable.
Mrs. Tennant was our go-between.
Mrs. Chisolm was world traveled.
Coach McClelland was our D.I. 
Mrs. Rouse loved her books and dared anyone to abuse them.
Coach Williams was always looking for their weak spot.    

We were all so naive and simple back in 1964, when we took that final stroll across the football field to receive our diplomas at  Wade Hampton High School.  Side-by-side and some times hand-in-hand, we marched up through that center aisle of seats and took our place until our names were called. 

However, we thought we were sitting on top of the world. At the risk of sounding like Merle Haggard, Elvis and the Beatles were dueling it out, figuratively for the number one spot on the music charts.  Music was at it's best.  We still listen to it today. 

Automobiles were so popular the auto industry had to introduce new models in the middle of the car year. (e.g.: the '63 1/2 Mustang.) 

We still held devotions at the start of school each day and before sporting events, whether we wanted to or not.  

We had just begun hearing whispers about a war in South East Asia in a little backwards country called Viet Nam.  How many of the class of '64 went over there to serve and fight?  How many of them did not come back alive?

There was talk of pending integration in our all-white school. It wasn't all-white to be mean. That's just the way things worked in the '60's.  The white students had a school to attend and the black students had their own school to attend. 

Smoking was nasty, but it wouldn't kill you! We even had a rooms established and times set aside when high school kids could go to them for a few magical, mystical puffs.  Back then, those rooms looked much like the today's smoking lounges in airports.  

During our previous four years, we witnessed such tragedies as the assassination of a U. S. President and triumphs as landing men on the moon.

Most of the photographs seen in this web site are thumbnail size so the page loads faster.  Click on the photo and a full sized version will appear.  However, because of the amount of space the photos took up, I quickly ran out of web space, so to be able to put the entire book up, I had to cut some corners.  Sorry, Freshmen.  Sorry Sophomores.  YOUR photos do not click open.  Neither do the advertisements.  But, hey, you can't buy any of those cars or suits any more anyway. Right?

This web site was established to recreate the album we purchased when we graduated from Wade Hampton High School.  Good Old WHHS as we all knew it.   

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Open it with me now and relive the past, and hopefully we will build the path to the future.





Enjoy your visit.


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