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My philosophy on life in a Nutshell.
One's LIFE is precious, limited by a finite element of TIME.
Choices quantify the parameters which determine how that time element is spent.
Parameter priorities are Health, Freedom and Financial resourses to ensure both.
Striving to master these basic elements allow one to live beyond mere survival, share and interact positively with all mankind and meld with nature's wonders.
The ultimate goal, self-actualization and contentment, makes LIVING all worth while.
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Our daily routines often mask the importance of living in harmony with nature's evolutionary progress. Civilization and ensuing technological advances have brought about life-threatening changes which we must address if we are to sustain a healthy environment, and the health of mankind..
Fast paced lives induce stress. Industrial progress has inundated us with pollution. Natural foods no longer contain the nutritional values mankind enjoyed before our soils were depleted of their nutrients. Deforestation has altered the critical balance of nature. Our oceans, the initial porridge pot in which life developed is now threatened, as evidenced by algae and coral reefs fighting to stay alive - a warning sign of impending disaster. Our bodies can no longer maintain a defense against a constant barrage of toxins, new super viruses and bugs.
Choices are imperative to our survival.
Natural supplementation.
A wise choice is to keep ourselves in optimal health. Research has provided us with undisputed resources as to vital signs which can measure a healthy state.
Blood pressure recently redefined as normal at below 130 systolic and 75 diastolic. Pulse rate 75 or lower at rest. Cholesterol, blood sugar levels are all checked as a matter of routine.
Your concerns answered promptly.
We ingest vitamins in vast quantities without supervision. This may NOT be a good idea. Vitamin supplementation without it's corresponding mineral intake renders them relatively ineffective and can even result in toxicity. This subject will be covered under a separate discussion.
So what is the answer?    Foremost,
Information - Knowledge.
What would you consider the most important resource to well being, and a great insurance to maintaining ones health?
If I were to choose only ONE product which I would not be without in our household, it would be a product which is a precursor to optimizing your GSH levels. I am not permitted to state the name of the trademarked product here.
Glutathione. (GSH)
(Glue - ta - thigh - on)
Never heard of it you say!  You will.  It will soon be on your check-up list along with BP, Cholesterol, Blood sugar level, when visiting your doctor.
I will not go into great detail in this introduction since it would take far too much space and your time to learn about this tiny molecule, a multifunctional tri peptide (chain) of amino acids - glutamate, glycine, and cystiene.
We'll confine this discussion to the significant importance of the amino acid 'cystiene'.
What does Glutathione do? Lets state imperatively; Without sufficient amounts of it in your body, you shall DIE!
I recently became aware of a test, soon to become widespread in the medical community where a GSH test will be used to diagnose a symptom of chest pain - where a threshold low level of GSH will signify an impending heart attack within 24 hours or less. This has been shown to be more reliable than an ECG or the current enzyme test.
We will only touch on just three of what to me are the most critical functions of GSH. Lets use an acronym 'A I D', for easy memory recall.
1. Antioxidant. GSH is naturally produced in your body and is nature's most powerful antioxidant. Hundreds of times more potent than Vitamin E or C.
In order to understand the role of an antioxidant, it is necessary to understand the 'free radical'. It is an atom or molecule that has a single unpaired electron in it's outer ring and is extremely unstable (poised to combine with reckless abandon with any radical, void an electron in it's outer ring such as found in damaged cells,in order to satisfy it's attraction to pair up.) This is how cells can get out of control and develop into tumors which may become malignant. This in turn causes further oxidative stress and the formation of more free radicals. If unchecked, the chain reaction continues.
Glutathione to the rescue. GSH has the unique ability to donate H (hydrogen) atom to the free radical, neutralizing it's instability. The radical becomes inactive, is processed by the kidney and flushed away in the urine. Unfortunately, 2 Glutathione molecules are given up for each radical neutralized- thus rapid loss, and the need for replenishment.
A healthy cell will produce glutathione.The amino acid, cystiene, is the control agent for the production of GSH. It triggers production of GSH upon recognizing a threat to our healthy state. In the production of GSH, cystiene is depleted and requires replenishment. A vicious cycle, where if left unchecked, spells- kaput.
Examples of causes of free radical formation: Ordinary pain killing drugs like acetemophines (found in the Tylenol group for example), taken in larger dosages and especially in prolonged use can cause oxidative stress. The same can be said for chemotherapy in treating cancer. GSH levels can get dangerously low when undergoing chemotherapy.
2. Immune System Response. GSH plays a major role in fighting infection. Lets say you step on a nail, get an infection and the lymphocytes (white blood cells) are summoned to fight to the death. GSH plays a role by supporting the continued multiplication of the lymphocytes which requires GSH in their manufacture. Once again GSH is depleted. Cystiene in the cells needs to be at optimal levels in order to re supply that GSH level.
3. Detoxification. GSH plays a similarly major role in detoxification of carcinogens such as smoke, heavy metals, poison gasses etc. GSH also reconstitutes the bio availability factor of Vitamin C and E which could not effectively do their job without GSH support.
Recently released; is a compound using a patented process spanning 35 years of development and clinical trials to address the Gluthatione replenishment dilemma. Although the importance of glutathione was known many years ago, a suitable means of increasing GSH levels in our bodies was evasive.
The amazing product.
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Oral use of cystiene is not a viable method of raising GSH levels to assist in cancer or aids treatment, as cystiene in itself is somewhat toxic in the blood stream. It is acted upon by the digestive system to reduce its bio active function by the time it reaches cell level.
The product is totally natural - made from ordinary cow's milk and is processed to combine 2 cystiene molecules bound by a peptide of sulfur to form a delicate molecule of cystine. This has not been duplicated by any other company since the process is patented. (low-heat extraction from whey protein) Several patents world-wide granted.
As cystine, the compound travels uninhibited through the digestive tract and is transported by the blood plasma and absorbed into cell level, where it then splits back into 2 molecules of cystiene. This is the breakthrough that was sought. Now GSH levels could be maintained. The precursor to GSH production, cystiene, has been successfully introduced and replenished at the cell level.
You can read further about the patents, the chemical processes involved, the many clinical trials that were conducted in the various links you'll find as you explore the site.
Please note that the product is listed in the Doctor's PDR (bible) as a precursor for increased production of GSH levels in the body. Listed in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008   PDR's.
The product is available to the public without prescription.
In at least 5 states in the USA, Minnesota for one, under doctor's prescription, it qualifies for Medicare and Medicaid assistance or reimbursement.
Choices: This is the stuff I said I'd never be without in my household.
ydia and I both use it daily. We have had much positive feedback from others who would not be without it. Some insist they owe their very lives to it's effectiveness. No known side-effects. Low in lactose for the lactose intolerant. Almost pure protein. Easily taken. My favourite mix is 1 packet with 3 tablespoons of fruit yogurt mixed gently with a tablespoon in a coffee-mug. I enjoy the thought of revitalizing my genes at about the cost of a pair of new jeans per month.
DO NOT mix in liquid over 120 degrees F. Do not mix with a hi-speed blender. HMS90/Immunocal is a delicate compound - heat sensitive and will break down with moderate sheer factor loads. The bio activity is greatly reduced. I go so far as to delay a hot coffee intake for at least 15 minutes.
You can make your wise CHOICE to obtain this product  online from a secure server.  It is guaranteed for your satisfaction.
I am not inherently a pushy sales kind of guy, although I urge you to evaluate the upside potential for your health's sake. I'll leave you with one last test. Take an apple out of your fruit basket - cut it in half, place one half on the counter (cut side up) and wrap the other half in a Saran wrap (no I don't own the company), Take a look at that apple - first thing next morning. Which half would you rather be? This is an example of oxidative stress in action - your Glutathione is what protects you from suffering the fate of that cut and unprotected apple.
I firmly believe that it does in actuality slow down the effects of aging - which is a result of oxidative stress over a period of time. I'll have to qualify these statements as
my own personal beliefs and do not implicate any official product claims.
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