Christopher Rakowsky
Brief Bio: Born and raised in Chandler, Arizona. Attended Chandler High School and graduated with Honors. Hobbies include playing videogames (SRPGs as of late), programming, listening to music, watching movies (at theater and at home), and watching NFL.

Goals: To work on a title that gets shipped and eventually work my way up from being a simple programmer to somebody who has influence in the design of games. Actually working the lower level job is something I want to do for the experience.

Education: Graduated August 2005 from University of Advancing Technology with a Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering with a focus in Game Programming. Cum GPA of 3.52.

Experience: General Programmer - Crunchtime Games - Dec 2005 to Present
Multiple years and classes of C++ and object oriented programming. Extensive knowledge of data structures. Multiple years of experience working with Visual Studio .net. Math knowledge includes up to Calculus 2 and Numerical Analysis (combining Calculus and Linear Algebra). Some knowledge of graphics programming in DirectX (3d) and SDL library (2d). Other Game related knowledge includes Business of Gaming, Games and Society, and Game Production and Documentation. Was a volunteer at the Game Developer's Conference in March of 2005.

Download Resume

StarFigher 3D (.9mb)
This project is in DirectX and consists of movement on
x and y axis in a 3D world. It uses many different directx
classes such as directinput, d3dxfont, sprites, textures,
and meshes. It is a space fighting game that allows you
to shoot enemies, have score, health and lives and be
able to continue after you die. Instructions are in the
readme file. It is completely object oriented.
Download exe with needed files
Download source code files only

Pyramid Project (1.6mb)
This project is in DirectX and consists of 3D movement with a mesh
model and a spinning vertice model in the corner.
Instructions and a more detailed summary are in the readme file.
Download exe with needed files
Download source code file only

This 2d space shooter was made with the SDL library (Simple DirectMedia Layer)
and contains full movement, "collision", music, and more.
It keeps track of your score and health (with multiple lives).
Download exe with needed files
Download main source code file only

Neither source codes will compile on their own. Starfighter requires some SDL font and library files and the Pyramid Project requires a lib file.