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Cats grooming and fur

Regular grooming of your cats fur can help in producing a healthy fur for your pet.
Poor fur condition and skin problems in cats can be indicators that there are abnormal conditions that may be affecting your cat. Kidneys, liver, adrenal or thyroid glands may be responsible for persistent fur or skin problems for your cat. In winter or cold weather it is important that your cats fur and general health is in top condition.
Cats require more energy to maintain their correct body temperature during very cold weather.

Heaters for cats

If the cat has a resting place or enclosure that is cold or exposed to the weather a small and safe heater for pets should be used for your pets comfort. A suitable heater for pets can be found at The heaters for cats are safe and reliable.

If you notice any of the following conditions affecting your pet, or if an existing skin problem persists, consult with your veterinary clinic about the correct treatment of your cat.

1.. Skin irritation, including redness, bumps and rashes or open sores of any kind.

2.. Excessive fur loss, either in concentrated patches or all over the cats body.

3.. Dull or dry fur that pulls out easily.

4.. Your cat is constantly licking its paws or rubbing its face and it does not appear to be a normal cleaning procedure for your pet. cats with dander

Cold weather winter and cats

When winter arrives most home owners adjust to the cold weather by turning up their heater.

If your cat is allowed free access to your home in winter or cold weather it is possible that the warm and dry air inside may create skin irritations or a dander problem for your cat, and a possible trip to the veterinarian.

Cold weather for cats that are required to be kept in a cats run or enclosure can be very difficult for pets especially if the area is snowed under in winter. Pets that are confined to a cats enclosure must have a dry sleeping and resting area that is heated.
Heating your cats house will conserve your pets energy and will ensure you have a happy and contented pet.

Caring for cats in winter

Caring for your pet in winter will require grooming for your cats fur, a dry and warm resting area and plenty of nutritious food.
You should brush your cats fur often to remove any dead hair and dander that may exist in your pets fur.

1.. Use a moisturizing shampoo and a rinse that is formulated for cats when it is necessary to wash your cat.

2.. Do not use any shampoo products designed for humans as these products may be too harsh for their skin.

3.. Check with your veterinary clinic about a suitable brand of shampoo for your cat.

Food for cats in winter

During winter and cold periods your pet should be given good quality food. Consult with a vet about the additional use of fatty acid supplements that can produce healthier, glossier fur for your pet.

Food for pets in winter

Most warm blooded pets keep warm in winter and conserve energy by either growing a thicker coat of fur, hibernating or migrating.
A cat that is kept as a pet can be assisted through the cold winter period with a heater in its resting area and good quality food plus grooming its fur. The food a cat eats in winter helps to provide energy for generating body heat for your pet.

Dry skin fur and dander

Cats scratch themselves for many reasons including, allergies, dry skin, parasites or other infections. These conditions may appear to be a dry skin or fur problem to the pet owner. Your pet will require a healthy and warm coat to maintain insulation against the cold in winter. If any fur or skin condition exist in your pet that may hinder its ability to handle cold weather it may require treatment by the veterinary clinic.
Dry skin and dander can be a problem in winter as part of the treatment may include washing your pet with an appropriate shampoo.
If this is advised by your veterinarian it is important that you do not let your pet out in the cold until its fur is completely dry.
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