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Terrarium heater

A terrarium heater that is low cost and able to operate in most positions. The terrarium heater will not rust and has a fully insulated body to prevent burns to reptiles.

Reptile Heaters

    Reptile heaters and Terrarium heaters that are reliable and will fit most reptiles home and Terrarium.
The heater for reptiles will not rust and there are no protruding controls or sharp edges on the small heater to cause any injuries to your pet. With all controls recessed into the reptile heaters body there is no chance of accidentally altering your heat setting of the reptile heater.

   With the added safety and choice of an isolated transformer or battery power (not supplied) which produces an economical and safe electric current, this small and weather proof reptile heater can be safely operated in most exposed positions. A large selection of small heaters that are suitable for pets can be found at this small heaters site.

Vivarium heater

The vivarium heater has a modern and slim line profile. The heaters body may be modified, painted or camouflaged to blend in with its surrounding.
   The vivarium heater has built in double insulation that directs the heat to the front of the heater and the back or sides of the pet heater will remain relatively cool. This ensures that all the heating energy will go towards your pets resting position and not to the vivarium walls or floor.

Vivarium reptile heater

   Weather proofing of the unit allows the vivarium reptile heater to be operated in most difficult area, even buried beneath the reptiles enclosures sand or gravel covered floor.
With all the vivarium reptile heater controls concealed and no sharp edges to inflict an injury to your pet, plus a heater body that is double insulated, both the Reptile heater and your pet are well protected.

   As with all the range of vivarium and terrarium heaters a full factory quality inspection and performance test is carried out before the heater is allowed to leave the premises.
A factory warranty also applies.

   BODY SHAPE : Round with curved moulded edges.

   BODY SIZE : 10.1 Centimeters (4.3 Inches) Width : 5 Centimeters (2 Inches).

   BODY WEIGHT : 660 Gramme (24 Ounces).

   HEAT INSULATION : Full body insulation.

   ELECTRICAL INSULATION : Double safety insulation throughout.

   BODY SUPPORT STRENGTH : Supports up to 200 Kilos (440 Pounds) weight.

   POWER CONSUMPTION : Only a few cents per day.

   FITTINGS : Bracket and screws for multiple fitting positions.

   BODY FINISH : A quality sandstone grain or hammer toned paint finish.

reptile heater

Terrarium reptile heater

Operating cost of the Terrarium reptile heater is very low and currently cost no more than a few cents per day which makes the Small Heater a very affordable heater to run.

The heating surface of the heater is an attractive brushed aluminium that is very easy to clean and maintain.

It has been designed for heating a restricted amount of surrounding area in a very safe manner.

reptile heater

The Reptile heater will safely maintain this temperature in an unchanged weather environment, and at a very low operating cost.

The Terrarium and Vivarium heater body is constructed and insulated with the latest of modern materials to ensure a long and economical working life. The casing may be painted or modified with habitat camouflage material to help the heater blend into its surrounding.

Heater for a reptile

The reptile heater has multiple heating coils that are encased within a porcelain jacket to distribute the heat evenly throughout the heating surface.Each coil is connected in isolation to ensure that if one individual coil should fail the rest of the heating coils will continue to operate safely.

  • Some of the places where the heaters can be used is beneath glass areas and positioned in clusters or isolation to produce a variable temperature to a selected area.
    A Vivarium and Terrarium or any other forms of glass enclosure can be safely placed upon these heaters and heated from beneath or within.

  • They can also be used on wooden structures such as a Reptiles enclosure with equal success.
    By positioning four or more heaters under the enclosures floor the heaters can act as legs, keeping it off the ground and free from ground dampness.

  • Being fully insulated, no heat is lost through the reptiles heater body and all the heating energy is used to safely heat your pets enclosure or floor.
    To increase the amount of heat generated into the pets enclosure, small holes can be drilled into the enclosures floor above the positions of the heater. This will allow for more warmth to come inside the enclosure.
    All wires for the Reptile heaters are beneath the floor and combined with a choice of transformed power or battery power supply you have a very safe heater to use around your pet.

    Reptile habitat

    When installing heating or other modifications for your pets habitat safety must always be considered. If a pet appears to be unsettled after changes to its environment Veterinarian advice should be found.

  • Full water and dust proofing, plus an isolated power source allows for the use of this Reptile heater outdoors in most weather.
    You can safely bury the heater and wiring just below the ground surface and allow the heat to warm an area for your pet to rest upon.

  • Water bowls and food containers can be kept ice free and warm by simply sitting the bowls on top of the heater.

Another selection of small heaters that are suitable for the pet market can be found at this heater site

By dealing directly with the manufacturer who maintain this web site, you are guaranteed of receiving the best price available and an excellent level of service plus money back guarantee. Transformer or batteries not supplied.
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