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Environmental Articles and Essays by Judith R. Burke

It's Kool to be Kind!

Feature Articles:

New!Scientific Presenter at the Canadian Advanced Water Quality Monitoring Course presented to Egyptian Delegation, October 2002

Special Note: Guest Speaker at the USGS Turbidity Conference in Reno, USA April 2002

Paper: Abstract of presentation by JR Burke for USGS Conference Breakout Session 2

Automated Water Quality Monitoring Station


Musqueam Salmon Stream Restoration Project


Restoration of Ayum Creek, a Wild Salmon Bearing Stream

Ayum Estuary
Foto by Custom Aerial Photo, Victoria, BC

Geologic Tour of Lynn Canyon

Lynn Canyon

Esquimalt Lagoon: Water Quality Analysis Project


Biodiversity Slide Show

Slide 1

The Ecological Effects of Species Introductions and Extinctions

Coastal Zone Management and Land Use Articles:

Sustainable Development Articles:

A few Featured Water Papers:

Environmental Papers:

Technology and the Environment Articles:

Sustainable Development: Policy and Legislation

Environmental Science Labs:

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Articles Projects Resume Cartoons Windsurfing Paintings Album