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Judith R. Burke, B.Sc. Environmental Science (1998)


Water is Life!

Specialized in Water Quality & HAZMAT

Victoria, B.C.



Email to Science@waterose.com


Skills & Work Experience Summary:

  • Interpersonal: Team player, problem solver, organized, detailed, good listener, project manager, strategic planner, partnership building, staff training, client service, flexible
  • Communications: Experienced public speaker and public forum design, facilitator, motivational speaker, writing professional reports, manuals, courses and designing marketing literature, public education projects, producing videos, television media production
  • Computer Skills: Automated Data Acquisition Platforms, Eco Watch, Weather Watch, FTS and Handar, Windows, Word Perfect, Word, Power Point, Graphics, Excel, Systat, StatsGraphics Plus, ArcView, Surfer, Idrisi, Dbase III, Lotus, Access, Oracle, Chemistry Molecule Modelling
  • HAZMAT in Victoria, British Columbia: Field Work, Analysis, Data Compilation and Reporting: WCB Compliance; Air Quality Monitoring; Asbestos Bulk Sampling, Asbestos Air Sampling, Asbestos Air Sample Analysis (Fibre Counting); Mould and Aerosol Particulates; Building Risk Assessments, Inspections, Field support for Stage II ESA's, and other Hazardous Materials (2005-2006)
  • Executive Administrative Assistant & Office Manager; HAZMAT Specialists, Prepare client reports, proposals, work procedures, NOP's, technical drawings for sample locations and asbestos materials inventories (2003-2004)
  • Purchasing and inventory verification for a medium sized environmental sensor manufacturing company using the integrated ERP Software (2006)
  • Designing and implementing water quality projects, Field work, Data analysis, Report preparation (1996-2003)
  • BC RIC Certified for Automated Water Quality Monitoring (2000)
  • BC RIC Certified for Hydrometric Surveying (2001)
  • Data Bases and Data Warehousing for discrete and linear data: Design, Development, Documentation, Quality Control and Quality Assurance of Data, Forms, Manuals, Implementation, Testing and re-design, Training, Population, Enhancement, and Improvements: National Database Development for Import/Export Clients in International Trade (Previous Career) and for provincial (BC) Water Inventory (Quantity and Quality) Data and other environmental databases
  • Laboratory skills and instrumentation for physical and organic chemistry analysis of water (AA, GC/MS, NMR, Synthesis, Biological) (1996)
  • Developing Internet web sites and designing computer graphics, raw HTML programming (1997-Ongoing)for Waterose and other websites
  • Previous career in International Trade Laws for seventeen years across Canada (Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver through internal corporate transfers) determining duties and taxes payable on imported/exported goods for importers, exporters, manufacturing sectors and governments: Highly technical in trade law and language on an international and domestic (Federal Canadian) level and specialized in Machinery Remissions, Duty Drawbacks, Harmonized System of Tariff classification (HS)and appeals, Remission Orders, Value for Duty (Transaction Value), Tariff Treatment, Rules of Origin, Inward Remission Processing Orders, Bonded Warehousing, White Papers, changes to Federal Legislation, Federal Sales Tax, GST. Founder and Chairperson of the unique Vancouver Customs Duty Study Group in Canada for seven years; an international multi-stakeholder cross platform study group of approved professionals to promote technical professional development, international development of policy and legislation with respect to international trade laws, and cross selling of professional services with integrity based on professional performance and relationships. Teaching and mentoring and empowering clients and staff and developing college level educational programs and authoring and delivering and teaching the customs import/export module. International Commodity Tax Planning for Capital and Production Planning (what plant in what country at what degree of manufactur to maximize commodity tax savings), Commodity Tax Recovery Projects (refunds), Customized Client Seminars and Training on an International Level to empower key decision makers, Sales, Marketing, Training, and converting jeopardized accounts to loyal clients.

Water Projects:


  • Scientific Presenter for Environment Canada
    Advanced Water Quality Management and Methods Course for Egypt, in Vancouver, BC., October 2002
  • Guest Speaker at the USGS Turbidity Conference in Reno, USA April 2002; Paper: Abstract of presentation by JR Burke for USGS Conference Breakout Session 2
  • Guest Speaker at the Air and Waste Management Association Technical Luncheon in Victoria, BC in January 2003
  • Coordinating public participation forums for the Race Rocks Pilot Marine Protected Area (1999)
  • Record and document plenary discussions for scientific conferences at the provincial and federal level (1998 - 2002)
  • Marketing: write briefs, co-ordinate media articles, television and video (1998 - Ongoing)
  • Participation in multi-stakeholder processes for regional land use planning and water use planning processes (1998 - Ongoing)
  • Writing and evaluating proposals (1998 - Ongoing)
  • Technical Presenter at the BC Automated Water Quality Monitoring Workshop (September 2003)


Bachelor of Environmental Science (GPA 3.64/5.00) Royal Roads University (1997 - 1998)

  • Environmental Applied Sciences: Environmental Chemistry (A), Ecotoxicology (A), Microbiology (A), Biochemistry (A), Ecology (B)
  • Environmental Assessment (A), Risk Assessment and Remediation (A), Global Processes (B)
  • Industrial Processes and Pollution Prevention (B), Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14000 (A), Land Use Planning (A)
  • Communications (A), Environmental Seminar Series (A), Environmental Policy (A), Environmental Law (A), Environmental Economics and Policy (B), Business Ethics (A)
  • Hydrology and Soil Science (A), Geographic Information Systems (A), Statistics (B)
  • Geomorphology - Marine Ecology - Coastal Zone Management (B), Atmospheric Sciences (B)
  • Esquimalt Lagoon Water Quality Project

Environmental Studies Diploma (GPA 3.50/5.00) Langara College (1995 - 1996)

  • Environmental Applied Sciences University Transfer Level Courses:
  • General Chemistry (B and C), Organic Chemistry (C and B), Labs (GC/MS, AA, NMR, IR, Synthesis)
  • General Biology (B and A), Invertebrates (A), Anthropology (A), Environmental Studies Seminar Series (A)
  • Geography's: Environmental Geography (A), Cultural (A), Geomorphology (A+), Meteorology (A), Geographic Information Systems and Statistics (A)
  • Communications (B and A), Environmental Law (A), Critical Thinking (A), Philosophy (B)
  • Musqueam Salmon Stream Restoration Project

Awards Received:

  • Dean's Honour Roll of Graduates
  • Rose Bing Biology Laboratory Memorial Scholarship
  • B.C. Hydro Environmental Studies Scholarship
  • B.C. Scholarships in English, Chemistry and Geography (1993 - 1994)
  • Skies Above Canada Foundation Honours Award 2003

Volunteer & Community Work Done:

  • Director of the Sooke Habour Chamber of Commers, Chair of the Environment Committee (2001)
  • Director of the Society for the Protection of Ayum Creek to restore salmon habitat (2000)
  • Municipal Recycling Co-ordinator (Public Education) for the Capital Regional District (2000 - 2001)
  • Volunteer for Jack Brooks Fish Hatchery (1999)
  • Certified Federal Streamkeeper (1999)
  • Inventory inter-tidal beach flora and fauna for Georgia Strait Alliance (2001 - Ongoing)
  • Writer, public speaker, and webmaster for various international to local environmental groups (1999 - Ongoing)

Hobbies and other Interests:

  • Sports - canoeing, cycling, windsurfing, wanna be kitesurfer! Have all the gear, just need some help launching!
  • ACUC Open Water Scuba Diving Certification 1998
  • Fine Arts - creating water colour and oil paintings, photography (SLR, darkroom, and digital), Acoustical guitar-playing, singing, & song-writing
  • Designing and Creating Internet Websites for fun and for community
  • Group discussion leader, sponsor and mentor to help others
  • Accident free BC Drivers License and automobile

Building a caring community means giving...


This is fundamental to living my commitment to our community.


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