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Updated July 26, 2006

International Men's Health Week June 11-17, 2007

Warrior Souls

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The Warrior Soul Resource Centre is an attempt by one man who is deeply interested in these issues to provide some information and resource for his brothers. This place is intended to be a source of information relating to men and the issues that confront us. The main goal is to build up men.

The image of the warrior conveyed by the artwork above coveys much of what I see as male bonding ... standing together ... helping and when need be, protecting. Guest articles are welcome for publication in The Commentary Trading Post.

My inspiration and ideas have been influenced greatly by the work done by David Throop and Peter Vogel. They deserve much credit for the hours they have put into the cause. Thanks also to Robert Bly, Sam Keen and Gillette & Moore for getting me off my butt to think about these things.

chau'vin|ism: n. Bellicose patriotism; fervent support for a cause

The Warrior Soul Award This Award is presented to sites that provide information and/or discussion relating to men and the issues that confront us as we head into the new millennium. If you'd like to apply for this award, send me an e-mail with your URL and I'll come check it out!

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