Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers - San Francisco's top blues diva and her band first appeared on this site a year ago. Now they have their very own web site where you can check out samples from their latest CD and see where they are next scheduled to appear.

Angus Oblong & his Children's Books for Adults - Here's a strip from Angus' orignal underground series. Like what you see? Then get a copy of "Creepy Susie and 13 traguc tales for children" from your local book seller or watch "The Oblongs" on The WB every Sunday.

Put Dan Gomes and a Media 100 together and you get "An Interview with John Gage" - Its time to test Dan's metal and take a brief look at an interview clip edited together by him. It's a tantalizing trailer for an interview with Sun Microsystem's Chief Science Officer, John Gage. Beware, its only a tad over a minute long, but its also 5.1 MB in size.

Dan, Dan The Editor Man

Social norms change over time - With each change in direction our perception of right from wrong flip accordingly and the diverse forms of bigotry grow almost exponentially. Here is an example of an ex-established-norm which, if uttered today, brands the speaker as an ineffable bigot and homophobe. And only a few short years ago these values were presented as guidance to those who police our society.

An Interview with the creators of "Come Fly with Me Nude" - In '95 the sum became greater than the parts; The melding of man/woman, yin/yang was complete and "Come Fly With Me Nude" was released upon a totally unsuspecting public.

Come Fly with Me Nude

The New Ferry Restaurant in Farndon, England - The first restaurant in the Newark and Sherwood area to find its way on to the web, and the latest sitescreated by the Wayward team.


Cults and Cancer - This was inspired by the insanity that prevails in Western society today.

Its April '97 and Dan has jumped in to his car and is driving from San Francisco to Miami - This is the travel log of that trip. Daily updates were posted to this site as the trip progressed. Now it stands as a history of his journey.

Bubble Gum Cards of Our Youth - Its easy to sit back and think that the current media epidemic is a new thing. Take a look at these images and remember some of the past.

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